EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Temecula Road

We’ve been talking a lot about Temecula Road recently with our piece introducing them to you and our review of latest track ‘Everything Without You’. It was only right we had a talk to the country-pop trio about their new music, plans for the rest of the year and to allow them to introduce themselves to you.

Your new single Everything Without You was released on Friday, can you tell us more about the track?

Dawson: That song is one of our favourites and everyone seems to really love it. It’s definitely a more emotional one. It’s all about that special feeling of how you’d rather be doing nothing with the person you love than doing everything without them.

Who were your musical influences when growing up and do you feel these are reflected in your sound?

Maddie: Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride for me. I love those big female voices.

Emma: I’ve always been into harmonies. I love Dan + Shay and Florida Georgia Line. We’re definitely all about the harmonies in Temecula Road, too.

Dawson: Lady Antebellum is a big inspiration for sure. I love John Mayer, too.

What has been your career highlight to date?

Dawson: I would honestly performing at C2C. It was our first time performing overseas. It was crazy that people knew our music in the UK!

You’re named after the town you grew up in, but what are your most vivid younger memories of it?

Maddie: Emma and I used to play a lot of small, local shows together. I remember being really young and just singing around town with her.

How has the response to your material been in the UK compared to overseas?

Emma: It’s crazy! Fans in the UK are so much more into it than we ever expected. It’s definitely a blessing.

You’re heading back to the UK this week for Country Music Week, how are you feeling about being part of it? 

Dawson: We’re so excited to be back. Hopefully, everyone keeps loving the music in the UK and we can come back more often!

Are there any musical or personal goals you’d love to reach in your career? 

Dawson: Definitely looking forward to more touring and playing the piano onstage!

Maddie: Playing a bigger arena or stadium would be cool. I’m looking forward to that!

Emma: Releasing a full album is definitely a goal. We’re excited to get more music out there.

If you had to choose one of your own lyrics as your favourite/most relatable which would it be and why?

Maddie: Probably the lyrics in our new song, “Everything Without You.” I love these lyrics especially “I’ll take a lazy Sunday/Watching the world go by/Drinking a coffee/Not even talking/Your hand in mine/What a perfect waste of time.”

Emma: There’s actually a song we wrote called “Mind on You” that hasn’t been released yet, but we perform live sometimes. My favourite lyric is “House on a small town avenue/a couple of kids that laugh like you do/It’s just my mind when it’s on you.”

Dawson: There’s a new song we’ve been starting to play in our live show called “Good As It Gets” and it has one of my favourite lyrics, “You’re a window seat cutting through the clouds.” Can’t wait for more people to hear that one.

Why should fans check out Temecula Road?

Dawson: People should check out Temecula Road because there’s something for everyone. You get to hear songs from both a male and female perspective, which I think is pretty cool.

What’s coming up in the world of Temecula Road?

Maddie: So much! We’re opening up for Randy Houser and Easton Corbin this fall and we might even have something special coming out for the holidays…

We’re loving Temecula Road and will be featuring them a lot more on CelebMix in the future. Be sure to check them out on FacebookOfficial WebsiteTwitter and YouTube. Have you checked out the trio, if so let us know @CelebMix.

Written by Nicola Craig

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