EXCLUSIVE: Interview With The 27

The 27 are a fast rising 60s inspired pop/rock band from London. They released their new single ‘All The Time’ last year and since then they have been working on new music over in the US. And while recording in LA they caught the attention of Beyonce.

And earlier this year they released their brand new single ‘Tell Me’.

Here we speak to The 27’s Henry about that Beyonce encounter, debut album, future plans, and much, much more;

Growing up who inspired your love of music?

Well I think I’ve always loved it, I can’t think of a time when I didn’t enjoy hearing and singing music. My mother used to have the radio on in car on the way to school (Radio 1 and 2) and that was a great place to hear stuff, it also took my mind off having go to school… 

How did you all meet?

Well me (Henry) and David used to play together in a band before this one. I (Henry) met Tom at a gig in Oxford when we were both playing on same bill one night, we got talking and decided we’d get together and sing…. 

How did the band name come about?

It seemed like a good idea at the time… We spent ages trying to find the right name, which is really hard to do now as almost everything is taken. We wanted something simple and someone thought maybe a number was a good idea, then a friend suggested The 27, which I think was his age at the time. Then we realised that the number was synonymous with The 27 club and had a musical link of sorts. Lastly it was the only name one of us didn’t hate. 

How would you describe your sound to new listeners?

Well it’s very melodically driven, retro guitars with strange synths and vocal harmonies everywhere. And no autotune…

Was being a band always your main musical focus?

I think being in music has always been the main focus.

What is it about 60s music that inspires you as a band?

I think the fact that things weren’t so pigeon holed in that the industry was more interested in letting artists develop and the audience find them. Instead of making music for a particular niche audience. 

While out in LA you caught the eye of Beyonce what was that like?

It was another day at the studio, but a good day.

Do you have anything in the pipeline concerning Beyonce?

It’s doubtful but if we’re successful then who knows…

Can we expect an album from you soon?

Indeed, probably towards the end of the year.

What are your overall musical career goals?

Breaking even.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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