EXCLUSIVE: Interview With the Mozaics

The Mozaics are an exciting four piece that create lush harmonies with a sound totally unique to themselves. Their latest release ‘Before We Grow Old’ is a stunning mix of harmonies, and synths that blend together to create a sublime track.

Here we speak exclusively to the Mozaics to discuss their band formation, musical output, future plans and much, much more;

So, how did the band name come about? 
We were thinking of ways to represent the coming together of small pieces to form a whole which is far greater than the sum of it’s parts.In this case, the parts comprise of musicians, film makers and producers, which are all necessary in order to represent a whole picture; the final ‘product’. However, none of the pieces really make sense with the macro perspective. A mosaic represents this perfectly, but we changed the spelling to make it more unique and visually appealing. Also, it’s just a great band name. 

Can you talk us through the process of how Moziacs came to be? 
We’ve known each other since we were kids at school, and always played in different bands in our home town of Jersey. We would always watch each other’s bands and talk about collaborating some day. I (Christian) approached the 3 individuals on the island who I felt had the best musicality, creativity and performance energy. We worked for about a year in an old barn / horse x-ray facility, like all new bands, crafting pop songs before we even considered booking our first show. The horses where we rehearse are really into the new single in particular.

How would you describe your sound to new listeners? 
Always the most difficult question for any band, as we’re so close to the sound. A recent review of the new single said this ‘a unique and prestigious category: songs that wouldn’t feel out of place on any radio station, any club, or any TV channel. It’s lack of genre is it’s main strength’. Each song is it’s own movie, based on a part of my life. Some parts are fun and uplifting, while others a more morose; just like everybody’s life. I guess the songs are a mood congruent chronology of my life. We’ve been told we’re ‘indie/alternative’ with some songs and ‘pop’ with others. The only thing we’re interested in is writing great melodies that give you goosebumps. 

You have a collaboration with J Hus coming up, how did that come about? 
We met J-Hus on the festival circuit last year and he told us he’d been rapping over our set. We exchanged details but haven’t followed it up yet. We haven’t had ‘that song’, which we feel would bridge the gap between our genres yet. We’re really keen to get something together. We’ll definitely be dropping him an email when we write it.

What can fans expect from your new track? 
This new single is about uplifting sing-along riffs and catchy vocal melodies. It’s a nostalgic look at what it was like to be young and care free, before the weight of adulthood has stolen your innocence through debt and disappointment. Just me? Expect a fun, catchy summer single for your parties, but with added emotion and nostalgia for the deep thinkers like me.

What is the main inspiration behind your new release? 
The inspiration for this song was elation and learned perspective. I had reached a point in my life where I finally felt comfortable in my own skin and voice. I think when you go up a ‘notch’ in terms of awareness, you have an enhanced perspective on your old ‘self’. I felt inspired to nostalgically reminisce about what 17 year old me did, and how it felt to be relatively care free and purely live in the moment. I guess I was focusing on one summer in particular. 

Can we expect an album from you soon? 
At this stage we’re having so much fun releasing singles. We have a great working relationship with a Mercury nominated producer who has brought out so much more from us musically. We’re too impatient to hold on to 10 tracks for an album right now. We’re going to continue releasing singles, and eventually put an album out which comprises purely of singles: no filler. This is the Michael Jackson mentality. Every album will be our greatest hits up to that point.

Do you have any touring plans lined up?  
Yes. But we can’t talk about anything until it’s confirmed!

What are your long term career goals? 
Right now we’re just living in the moment. When we write a great song, we get straight in the studio to record it, and a few months later it’s out. This feels like the most natural way to deliver music to fans. Our latest video release gained over 20,000 plays in it’s first week of release, and has generated a real buzz after premiering in Clash. All we want to do is make the music that we enjoy making, as often as we can, which is exactly what we’re doing. Having said that, we also want our songs to conquer the world and be distributed in space. Is that conflicting? Probably.

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