EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Zoibaf Chats About His New Track “Voices”, Working With TRUNG, And Upcoming Music

Rewind to three weeks ago and you’ll find that Zoibaf collaborated with TRUNG for their new song, titled “Voices”. This track was an instant favourite of ours and we were lucky to grab an interview with him.

Zoibaf, real name Fabio Nicora, is an Italian DJ and Producer. He has worked with a number of artists and DJs and gone on to create addicting remixes for a variety of songs, his latest being Avicii’s “Heaven” in a remix collaboration with Hennri. He’s definitely a rising talent in the music industry and we are excited at where his potential will take him.

A couple of weeks ago, we got the chance to chat with Zoibaf about his recent release “Voices”, his Avicii remix, as well as his latest tattoo and his future plans.

Hi Zoibaf, we hope you are well today. How has your week been?

Hello! Thanks for this interview. This has been a very busy week because I released my new “Voices” track with my friend TRUNG and besides I’m working on many other tracks and the time is never enough. But when there are new ideas it’s always a good thing!

You recently dropped a new song with TRUNG, titled “Voices”, can you tell us more about the track itself?

That’s right, this week we released our new song with TRUNG. I am very happy with the release and the support he is having! This is a different kind of relaxing chill trap than my last songs. We used a vocal contained in a pack of vocal pop free and together with the video we made the result, very good!

How did the song come about? And how was it produced?

The song was born from an idea of TRUNG who found this vocal very melodic and engaging and so we started working on that and we built the song around. In the end, we worked on the video.

What five words would you use to describe this track?

To describe this track I would use the words: relaxing, melodic, colored, summer, and particular.

You previously worked with TRUNG on the track “Remedy”, which was released last month. How did that track come about?

“Remedy” is one of my most heard productions and I am very happy with the result we have achieved. The song was born when we tried to work together and throw down various ideas. We were able to finish it fairly quickly and this allowed us to spend more time searching for the vocal part. When I contacted AXYL she willingly accepted and the result was excellent.

What’s it like working with TRUNG?

I am very happy to work with him! He has lots of ideas and is always very helpful to the ideas of others. We’re also working on other songs and can’t wait to finish them!

Do you plan to release the music you’re working on with TRUNG?

Yes, as I said, I’m working on new tracks both with him and with other artists and singers. I don’t know yet when they will be finished but I hope it is as soon as possible!

“Remedy” also featured AXYL, what was she like to work with?

When I have to find a singer for a new song I spend hours and hours listening to other artists’ songs to discover new singers. In this way, I happened to hear a song where AXYL sang and I decided to contact her, she accepted after listening to our idea and I found myself very well working with her, I hope to be able to collaborate again in the future!

Last month also saw you release a remix of Avicii’s posthumous track, “Heaven”, with Hennri. Can you tell us more about this remix?

Avicii represented a fundamental role for me in choosing to dedicate myself to the production of music of this genre. His passing was undoubtedly a tragedy and so I decided that I wanted to remix something of his own and the choice fell on “Heaven” and thanks to Hennri I managed to get the vocal of the song in advance, although obviously, the voice of Chris Martin is inimitable. This remix was ready for months but I waited for the album to be published.

What made you decide to remix this particular track?

After the death of Avicii, we started talking a lot about all his unpublished traces and the fact whether they would have been published or not. The most discussed song was certainly this because being a collaboration with Coldplay it had a greater impact and the vocal is really exciting.

How did you feel when you heard that Avicii had passed away?

Coincidentally fate has it that on the day of the disappearance of Avicii I was looking at his film for the second time and this has increased the impact this news has had on me. The disappearance of such a young boy is always a tragedy and if it is also your idol it is obviously much worse.

You also recently uploaded an image of your new tattoo which displays Avicii’s lyric “Live a life you will remember” from the song “The Nights”. What does this lyric mean to you and why did you decide to get it tattooed to your arm?

I had decided to do this tattoo for a long time but for various reasons I had postponed it. “The Night” is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful songs of Tim and the message he transmits is very important and he finds me totally agree. Life must be lived 100% because then regrets are inevitable.

Do you have any more tattoos? If so, what do they mean to you? Do you plan on getting more tattoos?

I really like tattooing and I think that in the future I could make others but not for the moment. I have 3 tattoos, a cat tattooed on the right shoulder, the writing on the arm and a circle on the ankle. All these tattoos have a specific and important meaning for me!

Who else do you look up to in the music industry, and why?

There are so many artists that I follow both famous ones like Martin Garrix, Marshmello and Nicky Romero as well as lesser-known artists like Manse, Wildvibes and Kaaze. I am very inspired by these artists because they have sounds that I find interesting and similar to my music, the list could be very long but I’ll just say these.

Your biggest release to-date has to be “Break Through” that features Jex as the music video has over 50,000 YouTube views. Can you tell us more about the track and how it came about?

Yes, among my songs “Break Through” is one of the best known even if on other channels other songs have had more plays. Unlike other collaborations, this track was born entirely from my idea and once completed I looked for the singer who could have a voice that fit better with the song. Jex has certainly succeeded in this task! The vocal is very melodic and engaging.

The music video was created by Jay Schippers and shows off beautiful views, where was it filmed, and what do you make of the music video?

Many thanks to Jay for his help in making the video! The video was shot in Mallorca, a truly stunning location! I really like the videos that show various places in the world, in fact, even the video of “Voices” is a video of this type.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming years?

Obviously, I hope to improve more and more to produce music and to be able to make my music known as much as possible until I even get to perform live. But the main thing is always to be able to create music that both me and the public like.

Are there more collaborations on their way? Can you reveal any exclusively to us?

I’m working on a huge number of songs with various artists, one of them is TRUNG but I don’t know which ones will be finished and published so for the moment I can’t reveal anything for sure! The only sure thing is that there will be new music!

As an Italian DJ, how does your country influence the music you make? And what do you love about Italy?

Italy, unfortunately, devotes very little space to the type of music I produce and therefore the influence it can have on my music is minimal for the moment. There are some realities that work in this sector also with good results but always smaller than other genres. I hope that in the future electronic music can return to the levels of the past also in Italy so that the possibilities for artists of this genre can increase.

What is your ultimate dream? Where do you want your career to take you?

My dream is to be able to continue producing music for as long as possible and to be able to occupy myself solely with this so as to improve more and more and meet so many people.

And, finally, do you have a message for your fans?

I wanted to thank everyone who supports me and my music! Keep following me and spreading the sound and soon there will be new music!

Thank you, Zoibaf, for taking the time out to answer our questions. We look forward to hearing your upcoming music.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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