EXCLUSIVE: Jack and Tim Discuss What It’s Really Like Being Indie

Jack and Tim are an exciting British Country-Pop duo consisting of father and son and after their triumphant stint on Britain’s Got Talent last year they are back with the official release of debut single ‘The Lucky Ones’

Along with releasing their first single, the duo will also be touring the UK this May in support of their forthcoming album.

Here we chat exclusively to Jack and Tim to discuss what it’s like being an Indie act in the current market:

What would you say is the biggest miss conception about independent artists in the industry?
That many are only independent because they couldn’t get signed… for some its not having had the right deal presented yet .. it’s important to not see a bad deal as the only option. But it takes courage.

How do you guys work out getting bookings?

Our Theatre Tour ( which begins this May ) is booked with IAA Touring , But we often get enquiries direct through the website, We love to play for people , if we can make a booking work then were there ! So don’t be shy !

What would you say are the biggest pros and cons of being an unsigned act?

Control over your music is the biggest thing , and your brand…We kinda live in a singles driven market nowadays , and the pressure for Signed Artists to deliver hit singles constantly, I feel can really dilute the airwaves.Jack and I make music for us firstly , and for the fun of it ! So It’s nice to be able to make music for the right reasons . Independent artists have so many tools available to them that were previously only available to record labels.However being signed is a great asset without doubt.. the worldwide exposure and financial support is un paralleled.. Major Labels are kinda like the biggest PR companies in the world . There’s no replacing them yet… being signed with a great A&R behind you is always going to lead to bigger exposure.

How do you feel streaming sites are supporting Indie bands?

Hmm.. tricky one.. honestly ? I think they could do more , Id like to see them filter the profits down to the content creator. The percentages are un ashamedly one sided , I don’t think it will change any time soon, but I have faith the balance will be restored in the future !

Do you feel being an unsigned act allows you to have closer relationships with your fans?

I guess today all artists , signed and unsigned can have a direct relationship with their fans , although the big artists have many more , through social media , nothing stops them from saying hi to fans anymore!

What is the process like from recording to releasing?

For us , Jack and I just Jam ! Or maybe Jack has a cool lick or I have a Lyric I’d like to pursue.. Writing and recording with a youngster like Jack is fun , He’s un – tarnished with what’s cool or not , zero filter , if he likes it he says , if he doesn’t? You know that too. So far for the Album recording is pretty quick , it’s usually the full demo that we end up using , Both Jack and I play most of the instruments on the album apart from the Live Drums.The next stage of getting to release is the long haul. For instance we recorded ‘The Lucky Ones’ a few months before our audition for BGT , and apart from a couple of tweaks , the demo is what’s now been released !

Do you feel more can be done in the industry to support independent artists?

More investment for emerging artists is essential , Sadly Development deals with Record Labels have all but disappeared, to have a varied selection of music with financial backing in all genres would be great , and to hear that on Radio and TV would be even better!

Do you feel social media has made it easier for Indie bands to get their music out into the world?

Social media can really help , but If your aim is to get Worldwide exposure there’s no replacement for mainstream media .. TV is a huge driver nowadays, and something we are very grateful of ! With social media , unless you’re SUPER LUCKY and get a zillion followers and are constantly re tweeted by an influencer , it’s still going to be tough going . Just stay grounded , and remember ..thousands of followers don’t necessarily translate into thousands of real time sales!

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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