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EXCLUSIVE: Jade Patteri Chats About “Unity”

Jade Patteri is a triple-threat that fans should definitely keep on their radar. As a dancer, singer and actress, Patteri has gained a fanbase from multiple aspects and angles of the entertainment industry already. Her passion and balance for all three endeavors is remarkable and beyond impressive. In fact, the “Invisible” singer has already received countless prestigious awards and achievements, such as the 2019 “Artist Of The Year” from the National Youth Arts Awards. Currently, Patteri is gearing up to release some new content following the release of her successful 2019 EP: Unity. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Jade Patteri opens up about dream collaborations, fans and more.

What can you tell us about your EP “Unity” and how you decided to choose the songs that made it onto that project? 

All of the songs on the EP are based on real life struggles that I had either been through or had witnessed. The EP includes 5 singles that are all based on a specific cause or subject matter that were important for me to voice.  My first song “Invisible” came from a place of growth in one of my relationships and it really impacted the writing and content of the tracks that came after. It was the most personal and vulnerable I’ve been and, as a young artist, hearing how the lyrics had inspired and impacted so many people on the same personal level made me strive to create more music that resonated just as deeply. Given the chaos and unrest in our society today, there is an emotional toll that needs more harmony and light and so from beginning with a more personal voice to collaborating on a larger scale reflecting a collective voice, it felt like a complete journey for the EP.

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How was it to film the music video for “Unity” especially with the elections coming up? Do you have a favorite scene or moment from that experience? 

“Unity” was written to be a hopeful voice of influence in response to the cultural, racial, and political divides that propagate injustice in our current society. However, the convergence of all that has happened in 2020 and the inability for people to feel safe about living and voicing their different convictions mandated that we create a story and a mission to bring about healing in Unity.  

We find ourselves more torn than we have been in sixty years and yet due to the isolation and despair that so many find themselves in, I believe an opening exists to teach one another how to love, not hate. We don’t have to agree as diversity of thought is what challenges us to move forward and our convictions are deep, we can’t control how we feel about them.  However, we can control how we behave to one another despite them. If we can start there we can create a respectful dialogue and potentially learn from one another. Unity is not being the same, thinking the same, loving the same…it is choosing to love and respect one another regardless of our color, shape, nationality, sexual preference or political affiliation. 

And let me tell you, throughout the process of filming we had so many different backgrounds come together and create a story that I am hoping and praying will make a dent in this political season. That we reflect for a moment and learn to listen to one another, without biases, and choose to befriend someone from the other side of the aisle. We might find that we have more in common than not. When we spread an emotional and purposeful message like this, it becomes so much more than just a video or just a song. It becomes a mission that hopefully will bind us together with faith and hope.

The music video for “Invisible” is out already on your VEVO channel! Was it exciting for you to share that with fans?

Yes! I was extremely excited to release the video for “Invisible!” I was thrilled with the outcome and felt that the rain room and the beach were the perfect metaphors for what I was attempting to achieve. I worked with a wonderfully creative team including Joseph Lee and Chad Smith. The collaboration was even better than I had hoped for. In the end, I am humbled by the feedback and grateful that the mission of the story was fulfilled; positively impacting those who watched with hope and healing. 

You collaborated with Liam Howlin earlier this year for your track “In My Dreams.” How was it working with Liam?

A dream! No pun intended. Liam produced the track for “In my dreams” and asked if I wanted to collaborate adding vocals and lyrics. Immediately after hearing the track, the song wrote itself and I began brainstorming and writing down lyrics. Liam is one of the most underrated artists I have ever had the pleasure of working with and not to mention a spectacular human being. I plan on working with him again…so I don’t think this is the last time you’ll hear of a Liam Howlin and Jade Patteri collaboration. 

Who else would you like to collaborate with?

I would absolutely love to collaborate with Alessia Cara or Demi Lovato. Both of these artists have done an amazing job at not only inspiring this generation, but will no doubt leave a mark on future generations as well. The example of authenticity to themselves, without compromise to the industry’s temptations and expectations, is what moves me to be true to my lyrics and to myself. It is so easy to ask myself, “what is popular now?” or what would get me the most likes?”  I pray I never fall into that trap, but rather “what story do I need to tell?” or “Who can I help to heal or feel something that might challenge their pain, bias, or status quo?” 

How do you balance your passions for acting, music and dancing? 

Balance is extremely important especially when pursuing all three art forms such as  acting, singing/songwriting and dance. I usually allot times where I practice each individual art form that way each one gets ample attention. If I am working on a project where one or two of the disciplines gets more attention, then I just need to make sure that I keep up with the other on my down time. I get asked all the time if I prefer one of the three and to answer that question I would say…Musactance!  I am adding this word to the Webster dictionary!  “An artist who is passionate about all three disciplines, acting, dancing and music, and cannot separate themselves from one.” It’s like asking a Mother or Father, which one of the triplets do you love more? I am grateful for them all and each one compliments the other in my creativity of one.  It’s as if the discipline of the one out front is the canvas and the other two complimentary disciplines are the paintbrush and the hand that moves the paint.   

For fans who just discovered your music, what do you want them to know about you? 

I try to make every word of my music count! I have always been someone who strives more for intentionality rather than a driving beat with repetitive lyrics. Poetry has always been something that I’ve loved so I think of each song as a musical poem. I hope that those who are gracious enough to follow me hear the purpose in my music enough to love others into feeling something as well. Other than that, I’m a bit sarcastic and LOVE a great sense of humor. That’s why “The Office” is my favorite show.  My life lesson comes from the great Dwight Schrute…”Whenever I am about to do something, I think, would an idiot do that thing? And if they would, I do not do that thing!”

What can listeners look forward to in the near or distant future?

A lot more original music! Many more music videos and merchandise coming very soon! In general you will be seeing a lot more content from me. Also, after the music video “Unity” is released, please go to chooseunity.love. I am in the process of building a place for people to find healing and resources from the unconscious and conscious biases that have caused them pain. Please pass on the word as we unite one story at a time!

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