Exclusive: Karen Hauer and Gorka Marquez on touring Firedance

Strictly Come Dancing Professional Dancers Karen Hauer and Gorka Marquez are going back on tour and taking their hugely popular show Firedance back on the road. The Dancing duo have revamped the show to give audiences new surprises.

This is Firedance you know we tried to reinvent and you know reignite it. It still has the same backbone as the original show of our original baby that we created. And you know we’re we’re bringing in some new choreography some new music costumes, a couple of new dancers as well, but the main route of the show is still quite there you know our amazing fire artists are an amazing band and singers and of course Gorka and myself and you know, we’re really excited to come back full force and to bring even more joy and more of a spectacular show.” Karen tells us when we catch up with her Gorka for a little chat about the Firedance tour.

The new Firedance tour will see Karen and Gorka reunite, bringing their passion for dance to multiple venues across the UK.

I think because we had a great response for the past two years, you know, when we did it and also it what we love to do, you know, we love to perform in front of a live audience and to get a chance to share what we love to do and to tell a story through the dance and just present ourselves and get that response. You know, we felt like it will be amazing to go back on the road and share a new vision, new dancers, the new story and just bring some hopefully like the joy that we have when we’re doing the show. Bring that joy to the audience members and share with them that joy that we have when we dance.”Says Gorka.

It’s clear that both have a huge love and passion for the show they have created with Firedance and are excited to get back on the round and tour it once again.

I think when we feel the fire dance last year, we already knew that we wanted to do it again, you know, so it was kind of like, okay, we have more to give and we have to create something like different and bring something fresh again, you know because we loved their response and we had so from that kind of like from that point, up to now like, you know, all in all, we’ve been like, like talking about bringing ideas, you know, we have a group chat where we bring like new ideas or I like so I think he’s someone who works for the show, or let’s put that dance into the show. You know, so kind of like it always we are constantly like talking and constantly like thinking about how make the show better and bigger every every time. “- Gorka

“I think you know, first we start coming up with like, the concepts of it. What do we want? What do you know, what do we want to put out there? Then, you know, music is very important for us. And I definitely like the style of it, the style of music that we bring upon and that we know that our audiences are going to relate to but also that we can relate to which is really important and then into to put the choreography on top of it as well. So, so there’s, you know, we have a great team that works with us. We have an amazing choreographer, Nathan Clark, who comes in with amazing ideas already. And then we have our ideas and we kind of just, you know, it’s almost like cooking, you know, we all put our ingredients in into a bowl and then all of a sudden we get this magnificent cake that you know, that everybody loves and, and it’s, it’s one of these things that just it just from just being the amazing thing is that when you write everything on paper, and then when it starts, you know when the rehearsals started, you start seeing it come alive is quite, it’s quite, you know, quite amazing and it’s it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.” Enthuses Karen when asked about the process of creating such a huge and spectacular show.

A tour like Firedance is hard mentally and physically, as performing night after night and travelling can be pretty hard. “there’s a lot of travelling so you don’t get to rest as much. You know if there’s, there’s one time we have to be in Brighton and the next day we have to be in Glasgow. So sometimes you travel during the night and that was like eight hours driving or something like that eight to 10 hours if anything. And it can be very tough on the body emotionally as well because you don’t get to see your family.” Karen says” So you know, you don’t get a lot of rest. But it’s this thing that wants that our hits before you go on stage. You know you warm up, you put your makeup on, and it’s almost like you start preparing to showcase what you love to do and it gives you energy knowing that people are going to come and watch you that people have paid money to come and to buy tickets to come in and see you perform and that almost gives you even more energy and then when you go out there and you start dancing and the applause and everything it all makes it worth you know, every non-sleeping night and every time that you you’re hurting or that your body aches and that you haven’t slept or you haven’t eaten as much as you’d want it to it all kind of pays off when you’re, you know, when you’re out there making people smile and, you know, seeing their reaction and seeing how much they’ve loved the sacrifices, the sacrifices that we make, to show up in them and give them a good show.

The fact that we’re able to, to, to be on tour and have the platform you know, strictly gives us a massive platform to go out there and create our own shows and any kind of get close to our audiences get close to our fans. You know, when we’re on strictly you know, we’re on TV and it’s, it’s almost like we’re not as reachable as being on tour, you know until people can come up to us and talk to us at the stage door and see us perform live. And it’s, it’s quite, it’s quite amazing to have that feeling to you know, it’s like me going to watch you know, going on to see a musical of other performers that I love to watch is almost like going into Adventure Land and in fantasy land, you know, you kind of get lost you get lost within the dances and the whole spectacle and it’s a beautiful thing to you know, we’re all going through so much as as a country and as in the world that it’s nice to be able to, to get lost in a different world and kind of, you know, being in a fantasy world for a little bit and have a smile and have an you know, beautiful emotions and yeah, so I mean, I’m always it’s always beautiful to be out there performing for for our fans and for people who have always supported us.”

You can catch Karen and Gorka in Firedance from 23 February to 1 April at various venues across the UK, You find out all the info and book tickets, here!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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