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EXCLUSIVE: Krystal Roxx discusses thrilling new single “I Feel Ya”

DJ and producer Krystal Roxx has recently returned with her latest single, “I Feel Ya”, a thumping house tune that is well on its way to becoming a post-lockdown anthem.

The main focal point of the track is the stunning music video, made of many creative and beautiful visuals that transport us to a calmer and happier place.

Here at CelebMix, we got to talk to Krystal Roxx herself and asked her a few questions about the song and its music video!

Hi Krystal, how are you doing?

“I’m great thanks, happy to be playing out IRL [in real life] again!

How does it feel that your new single “I Feel Ya” is finally out?

“Really exciting, I’m loving seeing it appear on some of my favourite playlists!”

How did the song come about?

“From a session with my good friend Maegan Cottone and Tim Powell, we wanted to make something that sounded like a carnival in a song, so that is what we did!”

What was it like recording it?

“So much fun!  We jammed like we were playing live together, that’s what I love, recreating what it’s like playing live but in a studio space.”

We cannot get enough of how aesthetically pleasing the music video is! How did you decide you wanted the song to be represented with such visuals?

“I love the worlds I visit when I meditate and go within, we wanted to recreate the beauty and dreamscapes of the spiritual world!”

What was the filming and creative process like for the video?

“Super fun! I got to drift away into my vivid imagination and dance again which I’d really missed!”

Do you have an album/EP in the works or could we just expect more singles in the future?

“Expect the unexpected! Every record is a journey into another side of my soul, the next single plays on my love of indie/rock and I cannot wait for you to hear it!”

With live shows finally returning, do you have any planned and where are you looking forward to performing at the most?

“I love festivals so I’m excited to be back at Bestival and Boardmasters this year, I just can’t wait to make people move!”

What kind of performance could we expect for “I Feel Ya”?

“Big energy always, it’s great to hear people singing along too, I’d love to have a stage full of Amethysts and Planets to be honest!”

Are there any other artists you would like to collaborate with?

“Chemical Brothers or Swedish House Mafia, who are amazing, we’d create some dirty disco together!  I love to work a massive techno record with Solardo or Martin Ilkin. I’m a big fan of David Guetta too, I’d love him to turn one of my songs into a club smash!”

Do you have any non-music projects in the pipeline?

“I’m playing with ideas connecting movement and music, I was a professional dancer and as a DJ the freedom you get from dancing to music you love is like medicine, I want to share that freedom far and wide!”

Finally, do you have anything to say to your fans?

“Keep dancing, as often as possible, dance to feel good, dance to let go, I hope I can help!”

We would also like to thank Krystal for taking the time out to talk to us!

“I Feel Ya”, the latest single from Krystal Roxx is out now and you can watch the official music video below:

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