Exclusive with Lance Stewart

Lance Stewart has been dubbed “an Adam Sandler for the digital age” and it’s not hard to see why. We got to chat with the Youtuber exclusively on what the future has to hold.

Why YouTube?
Youtube is a really great and engaging platform where I can share what I do throughout my daily life on my vlogging channel, and I can also share my funny pranks and skits with my fans. I like Youtube because it seems to be the only platform where long form content is accepted in the social media world. My Vlogs are usually 20-30 mins long every single day. If i tried posting a video that long on facebook it would do terrible and get no views or engagement compared to what I could be getting with a shorter/funnier video.

You write, produce, film and edit your own videos! What are the pros and cons of that?
Since I write, produce, film, and edit my own videos it definitely comes with a lot of pro’s and cons.

The Pro’s of doing it on my own is my freedom to do whatever I want and to do it whenever I want. I always have the option to be creative and plus I kinda figured out what videos work best and what doesn’t work good because of how long I’ve been doing this whole social media thing. Also I like being able to edit whenever I want and I don’t have to worry about paying someone else to do my editing (or writing, or filming for me) and wait on them to get it done. When I edit my videos I know how long its going to take and when I should expect to have the video up by, If I was to wait on someone else to do it for me I would definitely be running into some timing issues. The Cons of doing this all by myself include, not having a lot of extra help when I need it, Not having a lot of free time to myself since I’m constantly shooting and editing, and constantly having to be creative. Don’t get me wrong I love doing all of these things by myself, but sometimes it gets overwhelming!

Have you had any crazy fan experiences so far?
I wouldn’t say I’ve had any bizarre fan experiences just yet, but I’ve had a few little occurrences, for example there was a time when I was at a meet and greet event and we were about to leave, but I guess security for the event wasn’t that great at the time and we had to get out of that place quickly and we ended up going out the doors right into a bunch of fans and they started jumping on us and pretty much ripping our shirts and taking pieces of our clothing from us as we tried leaving the place, that was a pretty funny and crazy experience.

You’re hoping to have your own production company in the future. Any projects you have in mind to produce?
I am definitely hoping to have my own production company in the future, and the projects that I have in mind to produce is mainly going to be focused around comedy. If you are a fan of mine you definitely know that I love to make people laugh and it has always been a passion of mine to entertain.

Your family and girlfriend are often subjects in your videos. Is there anything they claim to be off limits?
My family and girlfriend are usually in the majority of my videos.

There really isn’t anything that is off limits for them, except that they can’t post on my social media accounts of course haha.

We really appreciate your pranks are done out of fun and don’t make us cringe of outrageousness! What do you think is the best kind of prank to pull?
I personally think the best pranks to pull are the Airhorn Pranks and the Pee Pranks, both pranks will definitely get funny reactions out of people! Airhorns are great because they are so loud and scare people so easily! The Pee Pranks are also great because who wouldn’t get mad if they thought someone was peeing on them?

Have you had any culture shocks since moving from New Jersey to California?
I’ve definitely had some culture shocks since moving from New Jersey to California. One of the main shock is definitely the different environment and way of living. Im use to living in a secluded suburban area, and going from that type of environment to moving into one of the busiest cities definitely made me feel out of place. I’ve grown to like Hollywood a lot more since I first got out here, but I definitely like being home in New Jersey a lot more.

What would be your advice to anyone wanting to move out to Hollywood?
My advice to anyone wanting to move out to Hollywood would definitely be to be careful about the type of people you hang around, especially if you are trying to get into the entertainment industry.

I’ve come across a lot of people in my time being out here who try to use me for their advantage. At the end of the day Hollywood is definitely a great and beautiful place to live but just like any other place in the world it has its ups and downs.

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Written by CelebMix