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EXCLUSIVE: Mahogany LOX talks about her latest single ‘It Is What It Is’

Mahogany LOX is the multi-talented singer, actress, model, YouTuber and DJ who has always been destined to shine.

As the younger sister and niece of LMFAO’s Sky Blu and Redfoo respectively, as well as being the granddaughter of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, music is clearly in Mahogany’s blood. Over the years, we have seen her grow as a performer through covers on her YouTube channel and DJ slots on Fifth Harmony’s Reflection Tour and with MagCon.

In 2015, Mahogany released her original debut single ‘Boom’, which has garnered over 1.4 million views on YouTube. Since then, she has been working on writing and co-producing her debut album, and we’re one step closer to the finished product thanks to the release of her latest track ‘It Is What It Is’.

Mahogany debuted ‘It Is What It Is’ at the end of last year, however, the official lyric video was released in January. The track has a fierce yet flirty vibe and showcases Mahogany’s fun personality. If this track is anything to go by, then we’re truly in for a treat when she releases her debut album.

We recently had the chance to ask Mahogany about ‘It Is What It Is’, her earliest musical memory, her fashion inspirations and more.

mahogany lox

We absolutely love your new track ‘It Is What It Is’! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?

The inspiration and motivation behind “It Is What It Is” is when friends with benefits are on two different tracks! When one person becomes too attached and wants more from the relationship but the other person likes it the way that it is with no labels and just wants to have fun!

How long did it take to write?

I co-wrote “It is What It Is” with a very close friend of mine and her team. My part didn’t take too long, just a couple of days.

You recently released the lyric video for it starring your real-life boyfriend. How did you find the experience?

I love working with my boyfriend Carlos, he’s my best friend plus he’s an actor so it was really easy working with him on the set!

Are there any plans for an official video for the song?

No, we’re just gonna keep it as a lyric video, but the next single (which I’m working on as we speak) is gonna have a video!

Speaking of music videos, you’ve appeared in quite a few famous ones over the years. Which has been the most fun to film?

I loved filming the “Party Rock Anthem” music video by LMFAO (check me out at 5:25) and in the “Like I Got a Gun” music video by Colette Carr I got to play a mermaid. (well not actually play one but… to just be my mermaid self) haha.

You’ve released a few original tracks now and are currently working towards an album. What kind of themes can we expect from your forthcoming music?

Get ready for… a  lot of sassy “love” songs.

Coming from a musical family, it’s clear that music is in your DNA. What’s your earliest musical memory?

Since my Grandpa founded Motown Records and created a lot of musical stars, I was fortunate to spend some time with them as I was growing up. This gift was not only educational but also a lot of fun and inspiring. As a pre-teen I was all about the Spice Girls. As a teenager, I started loving and appreciating Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. But my brother Sky was my biggest inspiration who got me at a very young age into Hip Hop and R&B and of course LMFAO. When I was 16 my brother Sky also introduced me to DJing, which I still love with a passion!!!

Your brother, uncle and grandfather have all had successful careers in the music industry. What’s the best piece of advice they’ve ever given you?

Follow my dream, to be MYSELF and do what feels natural to me!

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You’re also a keen DJ. What do you love most about DJing, and which three tracks would you say are your favourite to play?

I love vibing with the crowd mostly! When we all sing a song together its magic!!!

My 3 favorites songs to play usually depend on the crowd but “SHOTS” by LMFAO is a must. It gets everybody going!

You’ve spent a lot of time on tour over the past few years, DJing on the MagCon tour and on Fifth Harmony’s Reflection tour. Do you have any plans for some solo shows, whether that be DJing or singing?

Yes! I’m gonna be DJing and performing a lot more this year. I’m very excited and I can’t wait!

If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive, who would it be?

Mariah Carey, the Spice Girls, and Michael Jackson would be a cool place to start!

As well as your music, we really love your style. You have such a striking look – who are some of your biggest fashion and beauty inspirations?

I get my inspiration from my mom. She is the most creative and beautiful person I know. She is also very very crafty and creates all my wardrobe and accessories for stage. I love her!

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I plan on releasing a BUNCH MORE music and doing a lot of DJing!

Finally, do you have a message for your #LOXSmiths?

Yes! Hey LOXSmiths!!! I love you so much and I can’t wait to make you proud. Let’s make 2018 our YEAR!!!!

Thank you to Mahogany LOX for her time. ‘It Is What It Is’ is out now.

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