Exclusive: Meet Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio

It’s not very often that we get to chat with TWO future superstars. Meet Bianca and Chiara D’Ambrosio, who will be taking over Hollywood in the very near future. (Try not to fall in love with them, we dare you!)

Tell us, what’s the easiest way to tell twins apart?

Bianca : We have 6 sets of twins in our family. And even the identical ones have little things that are different. Right now I am a few inches taller than Chiara and I have a few extra beauty marks on my face. When we are filming and playing 1 role, with make up you can not see it in photos or on tv.

You shot a pilot for Disney Channel. That is a dream of ours! Tell us what you can about it.

Bianca : It was our dream come true also !! To book a role together and on a kids network is amazing. It was actually for DISNEY XD and we worked with the creator and producer for Kickin It , Jim O’Doherty.

Chiara : Everyone on set, cast to crew, were amazing. We actually went back a few weeks ago to see the crew who now is working on Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything.

Exclusive: Meet Bianca and Chiara D’ambrosio 4

You girls were in Bon Jovi’s music video. Did that spark your interest in becoming singers yourself?

Chiara : Bon Jovi’s music video ” What do you got ” , wow seems so long ago. Actually, we were obsessed with Selena Gomez & Hannah Montana. When I was 5 , I asked my mom if we could take vocal lessons. That was the first time I performed in front of a live audience…and I was by myself. Bianca didnt start performing until she was 7.

We want to hear all about CANNES!

Bianca : what is there not to say…it was amazing on so many levels. It was our first time to walk the runway for any designer., so i was a little nervous. The venue was beautiful and to wear Nancy Vuu’s elegant couture gowns was a dream come true.

Chiara: I wasn’t nervous like Bianca :) Walking in the Cannes Fashion Festival , which is at the same time as Cannes Film Festival , just added to the magical time we had in France.

Exclusive: Meet Bianca and Chiara D’ambrosio 2

Exclusive: Meet Bianca and Chiara D’ambrosio 1

You guys are Youth Ambassadors for the Boo@Bullying Organization. Why is anti-bullying important to you?

Chiara : We were bullied when we were in Kindergarten. Yes , Kindergarten !! It starts early. There was a girl in our class that always wanted to put down what my artwork looked like or she would say stuff to me or my sister. It really hurt my heart and I didnt understand why someone would want to be mean. So we go to elementary & middle schools around Los Angeles and talk about bullying.

Bianca : We perform at the schools and talk to them about bullying . It lets them know they are not alone and they relate to use since we are their age.

How do you guys balance school, family and your career?

Bianca : It helps that we are home schooled. For us, we do school all year long so it frees up time so we can get our music, guitar, drums & piano classes in every week.

Chiara : We also love to have our friends come over to swim or meet out for movies & shopping. We love staying busy. The more things we can do the more things we will do.

Exclusive: Meet Bianca and Chiara D’ambrosio 3

Lastly, is there anything you two can’t do??

Chiara- There is probably a lot of things we cant do…but we wont stop trying. We are always looking for new challenges :)

Bianca : Thank you CelebMix for the fun interview !!

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