EXCLUSIVE: Meet Your New Obsession, Lofton Shaw

Let us introduce you to a new face in the film industry that is the versatile, funny, lovely and pretty impressive Lofton Shaw!

The 16-year-old young talent is currently starring in DreamWorksTV and AwesomenessTV‘s “OMG” and “Hopeless Bromantic,” which are sketch comedy series for kids. Lofton has also played in a short film called “Scamps & Goons” where he tried to bring attention to a critical issue, bullying.

Being so young doesn’t stop him from working hard to fulfil his dreams. He’s got big plans for the future, and we can’t wait to hear about what’s next.

Get to know Lofton with our interview, in which he talks about acting, his plans, his huge celebrity crush and much more!

Watch out, because this boy’s about to become your next obsession!

Hey, Lofton! We heard that you just turned 16. How did you spend your special Sweet 16?

“Yes, I’m finally 16! On the day of my birthday I was actually filming a few sketches for DreamworksTV just like any other normal work day except the cast and crew threw me a surprise birthday party at lunch! It was unbelievable! The Executive Producer Nikki Levy brought in tons of Krispy Kreme donuts (she knew they’re my personal fave), balloons, and even made this amazing happy birthday video for me! She actually took the time to gather snippets from several of their projects I’ve worked on and made this hilarious compilation – a medley of funny moments, and then played it on a big screen in a conference room! I cannot tell you how incredible that was for me. What a surprise that was, I’m still smiling. Definitely one of the most memorable and moving birthdays I think I’ll ever have.”

Wow, now that’s huge! And how’s your summer going? What do you want to do in the next couple of weeks?

“Summer is always the best part of the year. Every summer my family goes on our annual vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. We love to meet up with friends out there and go boating and wakeboarding. I love it so much, and I can’t wait to go in a few weeks. I’m also getting ready to film 13 episodes of a new TV series for DreamworksTV called “Because I Told You So!” It’s a prank series, and I’m the host. Can’t wait! Lots of fun surprises in store for your viewing hilarity!”

We can’t wait to hear more about it. Oh, and on acting, you recently said in another interview that you haven’t always wanted to be involved in it, but we saw that you had something to do with singing and that you picked up piano as an instrument when you were a child. Let us ask the question, what did you want to be when you were younger?

“When I was super young I never really thought of being an actor because I didn’t know very much about it. I’ve always loved singing and was always the microphone hog of the family. The biggest show in my household growing up was always “American Idol”, so my childhood dream was to go someday on that show and win it. I started piano and vocal lessons at nine years old. That’s all before I found my love of acting, though. I still sit at the piano and sing for fun, but acting is what takes me to that zone – ya know?”

Growing up, who were your favourite actors, and what kind of TV Series did you grow up with?

“I grew up watching Nickelodeon and Disney all the time. They were my jam when I was bored! My all time favourite series was (and still is) “Wizards of Waverly Place.” With that being said, my favourite actress is Selena Gomez! :)”

Haha, we know that Selena is your big celebrity crush… Could you tell us about your obsession?

“Well, I knew there would be a question like this! As I said, I grew up watching “Wizards of Waverly Place” that she was the star of so that’s how I got to see her and she’s just perfect! She’s a fantastic actress and a great singer too. I even may have snuck into a meet and greet with her one time.”

And we heard that you’re a huge Directioner. Why do you like One Direction so much?

“Wow well talk about living the dream! One Direction is epic awesome – yeah, yeah I know a lot of guys say they don’t like them, but that’s because they’re just trying to act cool, but we all know that they still secretly buy their CDs! Their music is spotless, and I sing their songs in the shower all the time.”

Now let’s go back to acting. What are your earliest memories of it, and what has been the most exciting thing to happen to you since you began doing it?

“I first found my love for acting in 4th grade when a classmate’s mom suggested I try out for this California State competition doing a Shakespeare piece. I nailed it and got to go to perform at the State Capitol and in front of hundreds of people, including the state senators. In 6th grade, my teacher was putting on a school play called “King Hammurabi.” So I thought I’d try out and I was cast as the lead, King Hammurabi. I was definitely bit by the theater bug. Ever since then it’s been my passion. The most exciting thing to happen to me was an audition for DreamworksTV called “Hopeless Bromantic” which was a super fun YouTube sketch of me failing to hit on girls! I booked it and had a blast and ever since that booking I have been so dang lucky working for DreamworksTV non-stop!”

Are there any actors who have consistently inspired you?

“Some actors that have constantly inspired me are Josh Hutcherson and Logan Lerman. They inspire me because I can relate to them so well. They are the same age as me and just living their dreams acting in all of these amazing movies.”

If you could work with any actors in the future, who would you love to choose and why?

“Obviously Selena Gomez because she is the most perfect person in the Galaxy. Ya knew I was gonna say that though. But seriously… an actor I would love to work with would be Bradley Cooper because I can just feel his work, and I get sucked in and forget he’s acting. He brings such a sense of reality to whatever character he plays and makes us really believe he IS that character. He has a gift and I would love to work with him. That kind of gift and talent inspires me.”

What is the best and worst thing about acting?

“The best part of acting is the friends you make and all the amazing people you get to meet. It doesn’t even feel like work, it just feels like home. It is my passion and I’m so glad I get to actually do it. I am completely blessed. The relationships built mean so much to me. I guess if I had to choose the worst part of acting I would say that it really effects my social time with friends I’ve had outside of the biz. Some weeks I’ve been lucky enough to work as many as 50 hours, so I don’t have time to have a sleepover or go to a party or something like that. I know it sounds lame but at 16, being social is in our blood!! Ha!”

Next to playing on TV you certainly watch it, too. What is your favourite TV show at the moment?

“I’m tied between two spectacular shows. My favourites are “Bones” and “Modern Family.” Bones makes me wanna be a forensic scientist!! I got to go to a “Modern Family” event and meet some of the cast members. That was definitely one of the coolest moments! Talk about lucky. To be cast on that show, oh man, now that would be epic!”

What message would you like to share with the world through your acting?

“I want to be a part of making the world laugh because I’m certain laughter is really, really good for the soul. If I could help bring people closer together and make them happier so that when they’re not watching TV, which I hope they do a lot, they can go out and do good for the world. Even something as simple as checking on your neighbor or telling someone how beautiful they are. Or just so they can turn off their TV with a smile on their face and get a good night of sleep, because I know that’s what my parents struggle with. Some things in the world are cold and dark. But I want to bring a little light to some people’s lives that think they don’t have any. That would be a small contribution, the message I hope I could give through acting.”

Wow… and we’re sure that you’ve got huge plans. What would you like to achieve in the next few years?

“I’m sure it’s obvious that I’d love to book a movie or achieve a hit TV series. But what I really want is to start putting a smile on people’s faces. I want to be a face with a message of goodness for everyone who watches me. I want to make as many people happy as I possibly can and bring laughter to people’s lives. Especially with all the awful stuff that’s been going on in our world and our country lately… and I don’t care that it sounds corny… people need to have something to make them feel good, to make them take a break to laugh and forget it all – even if it’s just for half an hour.”

Apart from acting what other things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

“I love hanging out with friends and skateboarding and playing video games, LOVE to throw a football, and recently started digging Frisbee. It’s not as easy as it looks. But what I also love is bonding with my family. It’s not often enough we hang out at night, and all watch a family movie or play a family game. We really bond and get close though Sunday mornings at and after church. Just going together is rejuvenating and really makes us happier people. Those are the real moments I remember of me and my parents and the happiest memories of my time just being able to relax with them. Good for my soul.”

Once you said that you’re grateful to be born in LA. What do you love the most about the city?

“LA has every culture ever! We have every kind of food, people, jewellery, clothes, everything. We have so much diversity in Los Angeles. I am so grateful to experience all of it. And all the industry that’s set up here – movies, television, theatre, so many casting offices, acting coaches, opportunities for whatever your dreams are – it’s all right here! That’s why I am blessed to be born in LA. And did I mention the weather, the ocean, the mountains!?”

You support the Best Friends animal welfare organisation, and you’re active in animal causes, so tell us why it’s something you’re involved with.

“I’m just glad to already be making a difference in some small way. Animals also really hit a soft spot in my heart and immediately make me smile. It sucks so much to see a pet with an amazing personality not have a home or someone to love and to love them. That’s why I try to bring as much attention I can to those adorable animals. There’s no doubt in my mind that dogs are man’s best friend, and animals in general are gifts from above. Maybe not the creepy crawly kind, but all those adorable ones with fur.”

Haha, they are indeed! The first short movie you starred was the comedy-drama “Scamps & Goons” where you played the character of Schwing. The film had a lot to do with bullying, so what are your thoughts on it?

“I am very short and used to have a big problem with being bullied in elementary school for being so short. It sucks, nobody wants to ever feel like they’re not good enough for anything. We should all get a fair opportunity to do all things and that “Scamps & Goons” really brought some light to that message. It was an honor being a part of it and I’m very glad I could contribute to the goal to end bullying. No tolerance at all for that.”

As an up-coming talent are there any tips you would give to people who want to follow in your footsteps?

“Don’t stop and don’t be scared! Auditioning is a gruelling process that we actors face all the time. You’re not gonna book ‘em all but don’t let it drag you down. Just get back up and get ready for the next one. If you’re passionate about it and put in the work, you will get there in some way.

When I first started, I never thought that I would be working for DreamworksTV! It’s been an amazing experience, and you never know how you’re gonna get there but as long as your head is in the right place, you will get there! Somebody told me this, and it’s helped me… your audition is the job, play that role with all you got, and they’ll remember you. It’s not about whether you book it or not. You’ll get the ones that you’re supposed to get. And all the rejection… I’m told it’s good for you! I’m hanging in there for the long haul.”

Thank you very much for your time, Lofton! Is there anything you would like to share with our readers at CelebMix?

“Make someone smile today. Don’t think about how awkward it will be but just go up to someone, anyone and give them a complement. It will make them happy and you even happier. :)”

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