EXCLUSIVE: Mel Harris talks Hulu’s Shut Eye

Mel Harris stole hearts on ABC’s thirtysomething, now almost thirty years later the legend has a new series on Hulu. We got to chat exclusively on both series!


Tell us about your character in “Shut Eye”.
Nadine Davies is a wealthy San Marino, California heiress whose emotional baggage is weighted with memories of loss making her ripe to be victimized by the Havefords.

What intrigued you most about the series?
Shut Eye has amazing scripts, an amazing cast and a challenging, interesting role for me in Nadine Davies. What more could one ask for?

Have you ever had a psychic reading yourself?
No, but as a child, spending my summers at the Jersey Shore, I did often wonder what the heck they were as there was always a psychic or two on the boardwalk, crystal ball and all!

EXCLUSIVE: Mel Harris talks Hulu's Shut Eye 3

How is working for Hulu different compared to a traditional network?
I don’t know if I can say working for HULU is different than working for a traditional network but rather the experience of shooting an entire season at once was very different. It comes with good and bad as opposed to the traditional pilot format of many networks.

What do you hope audiences take away from the series?
First and foremost, I hope audiences are entertained and want to see more of the SHUT EYE world and the amazing characters that populate it. Beyond that, if the show perhaps, keeps someone from being scammed, that’s not a bad thing.

The 25th anniversary of the premiere of thirtysomething is next year. Any plans to celebrate?
Actually, it is the 30th Anniversary of the premiere of thirtysomething. Crazy right? There has been a good deal of chatter about reunion shows etc. Truth be told -the thirtysomething gang has been reunioning for years.

EXCLUSIVE: Mel Harris talks Hulu's Shut Eye 2

There are so many TV reboots these days. Would you be willing to do one for thirtysomething?
As with any project I look at, it would depend on what the elements were.
I don’t think any of us would be interested without all seven of us in any reboot AND I think getting us all together would be very difficult as we have all gone on to successful careers post thirtysomething.

What advice would you give now to someone in their thirties?
Enjoy life. Do something you love. Be kind. Save for retirement.

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Note: Thirtysomething aired on ABC Network from 1987-1991.

Written by CelebMix