Making his CelebMix debut is Chicago pop artist Lumé, who has today released his new track Beautiful. We’re lucky enough to be exclusively premiering the video, which you can watch below.

Based in Chicago, the recording artist is slowly but surely unveiling the music he’s been locked away in the studio working on and Beautiful is the first example of this. Beautiful by name and beautiful by nature is the theme of this track as a delicate piano line is accompanied by sincere vocals. When listening to the track you’ll find yourself taken into a new world, with every word sung feeling as if this is being directed at you and nobody else. Simplicity is key with this track as the lyrics taking centre stage well telling of a relationship which is over and having to watch that person you love being changed by their new one.  Singing from the view of an onlooker lyrics such as “filling all these empty bottles with the tears you’ve shed” help to add detail to the story being portrayed during this track. Lumé focuses on beauty being both on the inside and out, which is something we firmly support and another reason we’re delighted to have him gracing the CelebMix pages for the very first time.

Now to the reason you’re here, we’re delighted to present to you the exclusive video premiere of Beautiful.


Back in November, Lumé released his debut studio album Lust. The album is an eclectic mix of pop, techno and some hip-hop vibes thrown in for good measure. As a rapper turned singer, wide music knowledge and a diverse range of music styles are shown across this album meaning that you just never know what the follow up to Beautiful will sound like. When speaking of the music he’s been working on, Lumé said “We built a collection of music we liked and pulled from all of our inspirations. It was important to me that the sound was something that would keep people coming back. And I hope they do because I’m excited about what’s next.”. Keep with CelebMix as we’ll be keeping you up to date on what comes next from this rising star.

To find out more about Lumé head to his Facebook, Instagram, Official Website and Twitter. You can listen to and download Beautiful from here.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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