EXCLUSIVE: Omi Talks New Single ‘Masterpiece’

The summer of 2015 saw Jamaican singer Omi become a household name thanks to his massive breakout single ‘Cheerleader’. The track took over the airwaves along with the charts and was the soundtrack to the summer months.

Now, after a musical hiatus break Omi is back with his brand new single ‘Masterpiece’ which again sees the star teaming up with renowned producer Felix Jaehn. Here we speak exclusively to Omi to discuss his latest release, upcoming album and more:

Your new single “Masterpiece” is out now, can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the track?

I look around and more and more I see that a lot of us are lacking self-confidence. Even though we might not want to admit it, it comes out in the little things we do, like when we take a photo and then add filters to “make us more attractive.” I want people to listen to the song and appreciate their uniqueness. 

The new song shares a similar vibe to “Cheerleader,” but also offers a little more depth, was that a conscious decision?

Yes this was a conscious decision. My fans have been waiting a long time for my new album and what better way to get reacquainted with me than to give them a masterpiece that has a similar vibe to “Cheerleader”? Yet, at the same time I wanted my fans to see my growth through the depth of the lyrics and narrative of the song. 

You worked with Felix Jaehn again for this single, what’s your favourite thing about creating with him?

My favorite thing about working with Felix is the fact that he is super passionate about the music. He is not egotistical during our sessions and he is a perfectionist. Working with him is super cool because he has fun while he works. He made it easy. The vibe was right.

You also met him for the first time while working on “Masterpiece,” what was that like?

We both actually had a laugh about it, in fact thinking about it now maybe that was the key ingredient for the success of “Cheerleader.” Both of us working together from opposite sides of the globe is the magic. Now that we got together in the same room, you see what happened – we made a masterpiece!

Along with this new release, you’re also working on a new album. What can we expect from that?

This album is going to be insane; so many talented people to thank. I worked with some really great producers and I’m humbled by how committed they all were to help me create an album that will be a treat for my fans.

Will you once again be teaming up with Felix on the record?

Hey why not!? I mean we both love music and we are both always ready to work.

Is there one song in particular off your new project that you’re most excited about the fans hearing?

There is actually quite a number of songs on the album that I would tag as ‘must listen’ but I will definitely let you know which songs after the album release. Let me put it this way – I like to give that element of surprise.

Do you have any plans to tour your new music?

I most certainly do. I can’t wait to have my fans sing along with me! OMIarmy! Management is currently in that discussion, mapping the tour. 

When can we expect the album to drop?

We have not settled on a formal date but I know it’s soon so stay tuned. 

Do you have anything you would like to say to your fans?

Shout out to my OMIarmy! I would just like to say thanks a million for the love I continued to receive on my social platforms even after not having any new releases in a while. I appreciate the loyalty of my fans and as always, I am a fan of my fans… God Bless… and go check out the new single “Masterpiece” with Felix Jaehn.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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