Exclusive Premiere: Chloé Caroline - "Gypsy Daughter"

Exclusive Premiere: Chloé Caroline – “Gypsy Daughter”

Chloé Caroline is a singer and songwriter from Southern California with a brand new song that’s premiering exclusively on CelebMix! At first Chloé had more of a country sound, but now she’s breaking the mold, leaning more towards a pop sound with “Gypsy Daughter.”

Since 2015, Chloé has written and performed several songs for film and has released one EP and three singles independently. In 2016, she released a single titled “Indian Summer,” which got her featured on BBC, Radio Disney, Nickelodeon, and Radio One Australia, proving that her sound has a global following.

And do you wanna know a fun fact? Chloé was the first unsigned artist to have her video on Radio Disney! That alone shows that you can do anything you put your mind to, and shows just how hard Chloé has worked to get to where she is today.

“Gypsy Daughter” started out as a song that Chloé was writing when she was feeling nostalgic and homesick from the beach, since she’s from Southern California and recently moved to Nashville. So the song was originally written as a personal journey of self-discovery for her.

Chloé exclusively told CelebMix, “I’ve always walked to the beat of my own drum, a free spirit of sorts, and been this curious girl who loved a lot of different things and different types of people. I realized a lot of this had to do with growing up in such a diverse place like California. It became a metaphorical mother-like figure to me.”

After writing “Gypsy Daughter,” she discovered that the song was a lot more universal and freeing for her in a way. “Our environment shapes us, but it doesn’t define us entirely because we are in control of our destiny,” says Chloé. “Because we are all unique, we’re not limited to fitting in a box and we grow beyond one environment in order to develop.”

“The song advocates being okay with NOT fitting anywhere perfectly literally and figuratively and being content with the idea that we are always learning as we move forward with time,” Chloé shared. “Musically, I wanted the the listener to feel the push and pull of the waves and feel instantly like they were driving down PCH so the hints of 70’s California feel serve as a constant theme production wise.”

Chloé Caroline is currently recording her new full length album titled, Gypsy Daughter, and will be touring throughout 2018 in select cities. So be sure to look out for that! She also just released a Pledge Music Campaign to finish the album. For more information on how you can help with her album, visit: www.chloecaroline.com.

Check out the premiere of Chloé Caroline’s single, “Gypsy Daughter,” below:

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