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Exclusive Premiere: Christian French Releases ‘hungover sunday’

Alternative-pop artist, Christian French, is back with a brand new single, “hungover sunday,” and the musical arrangement of it will captivate you within seconds. In an exclusive premiere on CelebMix, French briefly opened up about the track and we have all of the information you need to know…plus more. 

Christian French is excelling at all aspects of the music industry…especially increasing his dedicated fanbase steadily over the past few years. In fact, in terms of support on streaming platforms, the ‘Come Around’ singer has 1.54 million monthly listeners and 100 million cumulative streams. Most recently, he has new music to share with his supporters.  

“Hungover sunday” is French’s latest single and will undoubtedly continue his already remarkable success. Between the song’s beautifully arranged vocals and captivating electric guitar, French shows listeners just how impressive he is as an artist yet again. Whether you can relate to that hungover-Sunday feeling or simply being in a bad mood because you’re ridiculously tired, this new track is relatable, chill and everything music fans look for in a slow jam. 

Listen to “Hungover Sunday” here.

“We kept the sound of this song as simple as we could. Only guitars, vocals and snaps in this song to keep it more on the mellow side, because who is hungover and wants to listen to loud, bangin’ music? I wanted this song to feel smooth and be easy on the ears,” French revealed to CelebMix. 

In terms of this new single’s vibe, French has the perfect way to describe it.

“The mood is very lazy, relaxed and carefree. You need those Sundays where you do nothing but lay in bed all day – they’re good for the soul,” he added. 

The acoustic feel to “hungover sunday” makes it easy to listen to in a variety of settings and situations. It may seem simple, but this tune is something you won’t easily forget about or get tired of listening to after the first few plays. It truly proves that sometimes the songs that appear to be the most simple are actually the most intriguing to those listening. Its light percussive snaps and soothing guitar solo towards the end easily pieces the track together to satisfy listeners. As a result, it continues to portray French’s versatility as an artist and his many attributes as both a singer and creator of original music. 

Fans will be able to see French perform live this fall, and may even hear this new single, as he will embark on an over 20-city tour. Be sure to keep up to date with Christian French on social media throughout the year for the latest updates and information. 


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Listen to “hungover sunday” here.

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