Exclusive Premiere: Daisy Maude releases her single “Volcano”

Our planet is filled with beautiful people and places. What appears beautiful also acts as a source of making us realize our triviality as human beings. A sincere appreciation of nature and the deep reflection that follows can form a beautiful base of one’s sensibility as a humble being. For some time, Daisy Maude has been telling tales of such appreciation.

Growing up in the small town of Flagstaff Arizona, Daisy was surrounded by some of the most iconic scenery the world has to offer. From the heavy snowstorms throughout the winter, of monsoons in the summer, to the mountainous dry terrain that surrounded her; it’s clear why Daisy incorporates the breathtaking environment in her songwriting.

Daily Maude is now gearing up to release her single “Volcano”. In an exclusive premiere with CelebMix, the artist is unveiling her first single today.

What truly inspired “Volcano” was Flagstaff’s San Francisco Peak, a volcano range that surrounds her hometown.

“I always wanted to write about these volcanoes because I’ve always been fascinated by them. Looking at a beautiful volcano, it’s so perfect and pristine, but it’s also something that can bring so much destruction.”

Looking at the juxtaposition, Daisy was able to wholeheartedly relate it to her life.

“This is how I can be in a relationship sometimes. I think a lot of people are, once they open up and are vulnerable it becomes too much and they explode.”

Musically, the tone, as well as the vocals, personify volcano. One can observe a transition from a calm observation to a vocal outrage, leading to the moment of catharsis in the listener, who not just understands the pain but also offer sympathies to the protagonist. As someone who is learning music and who possesses great vocals, Maude shows great artistic potential.

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Written by Ayushi

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