Exclusive Premiere: JANOS Drops Stop Motion Visuals For Single, ‘Zero’

London-based artist, JANOS, has just dropped the stop motion visuals for his track, ‘Zero’.

The track is about not letting negative people get to you and learning to not care what people think of you if you’re doing what you love.

‘Zero’ is an uplifting anthem and the video proves this by radiating relaxing vibes and sonic soundscapes.

He revealed:

“It’s not a vindictive song, it’s more like a, ‘I do me and you do you’, type of thing. It’s about minimising who you are and not listening to haters, fake friends and what society tells you to do.”

The Swedish-born singer-songwriter spent years performing with other bands but decided to take the plunge and go solo, enabling him to make music that is true to who he is.

JANOS devotes his time between the streets of London and Oslo.

His pop-punk soul music provides listeners unpredictable energy with a fresh and contemporary sound.

He has garnered support from multiple notable names, including the BBC and has worked with industry professionals such as Jonas Kroon and Soulbase on his upcoming releases.

We caught up with JANOS ahead of the release of the video for, ‘Zero’.

He chatted to us about mental health, social pressures and who he goes to for inspiration!

Hey JANOS! Who do you think you go to for inspiration?

I would love to line up in a mix between my inspiration’s ATM, Bruno Mars, The 1975, Anderson Peak, Tallest man on earth and probably 21 pilots. But I listen to soooo much stuff so it’s real hard for me to say what my music comes out sounding like, hope it sounds cool basically.

Tell us about your track Zero. What is the message?

The message in ZERO is a message it took me a loooong time to get – to not care about what people think and just keep going doing what u love. For a long time, I was scared of trying new things in life and mainly in music, as well as hanging out with people that don’t help you grow but want to keep you down so they feel better. So, the message is, go for it and never look back! Let them change, not you!

Why do you think it is so important to talk about mental health and social pressures?

Cause it affects us in so many ways. Not just our generation, but the whole society. Keeping up a facade might work for the moment but somewhere down the line you’re bound to crash unless you stay real with the people around you and yourself. Social pressures are just made by people, so the more we try to be real with each other, the more we can do to change the way society sees things.

What’s it like having had support from the BBC?

It’s a really cool platform for up and coming artists so it’s definitely a huge opportunity as well as a chance to grow profile wise.

How was it working with Jonas Kroon?

It was massive, that dude has a really cool way of working, mixing and thinking around music!!! Also, a sick studio!!!

Can we expect an album/tour?

I expect loads of gigs, music and more music to happen this year. The plan is to release songs throughout 2019 and wrap it all up in some sort (Album or EP) by the end. We’re working on a UK tour for the fall, Oslo gigs in the summer (mainly festivals) as well as gigs in Sweden and throughout Norway. Keep an eye on my socials for dates and updates!

Where do you see yourself by 2020?

I see myself as a much more established artist, hopefully with a successful album under my belt, playing bigger stages and festivals. Maybe racking up some awards? My plan is to evolve and grow, maybe I’m moving into new directions music-wise as well, who knows?
Bigger, bolder, BETTER!

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