EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Julia Kahn Says Goodbye To The Past In The Music Video For “Fly Away”

New music videos are always one of our favourite things as we love seeing awesome tracks being interpreted into a visual format, and this amazing track, “Fly Away”, by Julia Kahn has just received an engaging beautiful but gentle music video that we adore. The song was officially released on 1 May 2019 and is classed as her debut track.

Starting out in the music industry is never an easy thing, but it’s clear that Julia Kahn is certainly ready as her amazing voice is one that will resonate with every listener and make an impact on everyone. She’s been working on her music lately and we’re excited to see what steps she takes in the future. Her debut single, “Fly Away”, is one incredible track that demands you to press the replay button. It’s one you will never tire of.

The song has been produced by Grammy nominee, Bryan Todd, whilst the music video was directed by Samuel Womer. The visual starts out by setting the scene and identifying who Julia Kahn is, she’s singing the song in an abandoned building and she has a trendy American-country style going on, yet as she starts gently into the track, it’s clear that the song has a more classy and elegant pop feel to it.

The concept of time holds a significant value within the visual, translating from the lyrics. We see broken mirrors – which leads to seven years bad luck, as we were all told when we were children – to broken clocks, and snow coming out from nowhere. It has a lot of flashback moments, making us remember the past – similar to the song – until finally she leaves the past behind her and flies away – well walks away and drives away.

Watch Julia Kahn’s Music Video To “Fly Away” Here:

Talking about the song and video, Julia Kahn said: “I can’t wait to release ‘Fly Away’! Working with Bryan Todd, a Grammy-nominated producer was a brilliant experience – I’m so happy with the final result. And the video director, Samuel Womer, has worked with amazing people so I feel really lucky that he wanted to work with me on my first video.”

“Fly Away” is available to download and stream right now, via 2220 Records. Julia Kahn is certainly one to watch, and considering this is her debut single and music video, just imagine what the future may bring. She reminds us of Holly Tandy mixed with Christina Perri or Lana Del Rey mixed with Dua Lipa. Her diversity and style just make her who she is and that is exactly what will allow her to build her career in music.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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