EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Kevin Courtois Releases New Single & Music Video “Uncertainty” Featuring Lexy Panterra

We love presenting you with brand new music and we’ve got this addicting new track from Kevin Courtois, titled “Uncertainty” featuring Lexy Panterra and it’s one song you won’t be able to get out of your head. We’ve been playing it over and over again ever since we first heard it. Accompanying the track is a cinematic music video that is set to encapture you.

Kevin Courtois is a DJ from Paris who is certainly a rising talent and one you need to discover before any of your friends do. His music is beyond catchy and he is gaining fans and followers with every new release. He’s been dropping singles on top of singles this year, and “Uncertainty” is his fifth release of 2018, following the awesome tracks “Let Me In” which features Luke Edgemon, and “Settle”, which features Laur. This new song is set to become a treasured hit by many fans.

It features Lexy Panterra – a dancer-turned-singer – who has an absolute killer of a voice if this song is anything to go by. This follows up previous song “Peace Sign”. She has over 5 million Spotify streams for her 2016 single “Deep End” which was a collaboration with Rob James. She’s set to make an even bigger impact in the future as she continues down this music route.

The song and the music video relate perfectly, and we know you’re just dying to listen to the song and watch this music video, but be aware that the song will get stuck in your head.

Watch Kevin Courtois’ Music Video For “Uncertainty” Featuring Lexy Panterra Here:

The song starts off with a simple guitar rhythm with progressive dance beats leading into a pure tropical, guitar-led, dance melody that is completely intoxicating. It is layered with Lexy Panterra’s incredible vocals, making this track beyond catchy. Lexy Panterra adds so much heart to the track, that every listener can hear her emotion in every single word. Kevin Courtois matches that with a heartbeat-like rhythm in the backing track. It’s bound to be your summer dance anthem of 2018.

As for the music video, it’s a pure performance piece with a slight narrative throughout, really showcasing Lexy Panterra in every single way. She captures every viewer with her beautiful appearance and stunning vocals. The story develops as a love interest appears in the video and we wonder if they will get together or not. Kevin Courtois can be seen in a few clips throughout. The visual has been directed by Cory Burmester.

“Uncertainty” is available to download and stream right now. We now have a favourite new DJ and singer, and we cannot wait to see what the future brings to Kevin Courtois and Lexy Panterra – they’re set to go internationally viral, at least.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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