EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: KiSMiT’s Debut EP “Cosmic Love” Is Here

We’re excited to exclusively premiere the debut collection of tracks from rising duo KiSMiT. “Cosmic Love” consists of five sure-fire tracks that we just know you will simply adore. The release of the EP follows KiSMiT’s recently-released music video for the track “Every Shade Of You” – which appears on the EP.

Consisting of Carly Barnette (vocals) and Baz King (vocals/guitar), the duo KiSMiT were formed in 2014 after meeting at the end of the previous year. They were known as Carly & the King, and released an EP under that name, titled “Love Provides The Means”. As time went on, their direction in music changed and they went down a more disco-funk-pop style that is much more mainstream whilst allowing themselves to do something that no one else is doing. “Cosmic Love” and “Panther” are singles that were released last year, with the latter becoming their most streamed track to date. Now, they’ve got their brand new debut EP under the name, KiSMiT, coming out tomorrow.

Luckily for our readers, we were given the EP early so that we can exclusively premiere the tracks for you. Here’s our track-by-track review of “Cosmic Love” EP by KiSMiT.

Listen To KiSMiT’s “Cosmic Love” EP Here:

Cosmic Love

Hypnotical and interesting, “Cosmic Love” totally introduces the listeners into who KiSMiT are. It has a funky beat with pop lyrics, totally giving us cosmic-space vibes. The instruments add an interesting flavour to the mix and really allows KiSMiT to stamp their name on this groovy style.

Take The Stairs

Harmonies between the duo start this track, and in contrast to the previous song which was all vocals from Carly Barnette, Baz King takes the lead on the first verse and it totally brings it down a notch in such a brilliant way. KiSMiT easily impresses with this track giving us much needed emotion and imagery, captivating us with every single lyric. The song is totally our favourite on the EP; harmonies on point, nice steady beat, and story lyrics – this song is perfection with a cherry on top. Both Carly Barnette and Baz King impress with brilliant vocals that we just love to listen to.

Every Shade Of You

Another brilliant song from the duo, bringing flair and creativity whilst empowering amazing vocals and unstoppable lyrics. KiSMiT are certainly on form with this song allowing the listeners to be taken on a lovely journey, with beautiful colour imageries as they describe their feelings of love.


Strong from the outset from Carly Barnette, whilst the backing track really takes us back to the 80’s and 90’s flipped into a modern mainstream groove that we just simply adore. Vocals are strong alongside the lyrics; it’s no surprise that this was chosen as a single since it is pure fire.


Now, this was a surprising ending to this EP. KiSMiT are certainly giving us diversity as they bring their funky twist genre to a country-pop song, and surprisingly, it totally works. It’s rhythmically great with brilliant vocals from Carly Barnette with some addicting harmonies with Baz King. Towards the end of the song, they change the pace proving their incredible ability when it comes to music.

What a ride that was. KiSMiT deserve a lot more recognition, especially after listening to them five awesome tracks. “Cosmic Love”, the first track is a pop-induced song that feels over the top compared to the rest of the EP, although on its own it fully works. Our favourites are certainly “Take The Stairs” and “Panther”, two songs you so need to check out.

KiSMiT drops this brand new EP, titled “Cosmic Love”, at midnight tonight, so be prepared to download and stream because it certainly deserves success. For now, feel free to listen to the songs above, exclusively on CelebMix.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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