Exclusive Premiere: Lauren Cimorelli – “Running”

Exclusive Premiere: Lauren Cimorelli – “Running”
Photo by: Acacia Evans

Lauren Cimorelli is a 20-year-old pop singer and songwriter from a 6-piece band consisting of sisters called Cimorelli.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, these ladies got popular on YouTube with over 4 million subscribers and a billion lifetime views. Crazy right!? And in 2013, they even won a Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star while being signed to Island Records!

After 4 albums, 5 EPs, and touring with Cimorelli, Lauren is releasing some solo music that she had written that were too personal for her to release with her sisters. Her newest song is called “Running.”

Below is how “Running” sounded when she first wrote it:

With powerful female influences like Lana Del Rey, Halsey, and Lorde, Lauren’s music is RELATABLE.

“Running” makes the listener feel a little less alone and a little more understood with lyrics like, “So I push you away then I pull you back / Have another panic attack / I tell you I’m crazy / But you say that you can handle that,” and “Get home and I’m alone / I can’t process what’s happening.”

Relationships are never easy, so when artists like Laruen share their stories of a love that isn’t always all sunshine and rainbows, it helps. It’s honest. It’s real. Because let’s face it, trusting someone with your heart can be a scary thing.

“When I wrote this song, I didn’t think I would ever actually release it because it was way too personal,” says Lauren. “But I know how hard it is feeling so confused and scared, and I wanted other people who are feeling that way to know that they’re not alone and to have something to listen to to get through it.”

Lauren loves her fans so much, that she wanted us to leave you all this handwritten note:

She will be releasing 4 singles and then her debut EP will be coming out in the Summer, so stay tuned!

Listen to the premiere of “Running” below:

Connect with Lauren Cimorelli:

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