EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Listen To Devin Kennedy’s New Single “Feel The Same”

We’re honoured to be able to present this exclusive premiere of this brand new song to you, our readers. Devin Kennedy’s new single is titled “Feel The Same”, and it captured us from the first minute in. The song follows-up previous single “Bad Habit”.

Devin Kennedy launched himself in the music industry earlier this year with the debut single “Call Me Back” featuring Nonsense. This self-taught musician has been dropping new music after new music, gaining popularity with each new release. His inspiration comes from being accepted into Berklee College of Music, which really empowered his songwriting skills, hence the amount of music he’s dropped in such a small amount of time. He also has a debut EP, titled “Love Language”, which followed his debut single. Not only that, but he was also awarded “Best New Emerging Artist” by Hollywood Music. Now, we get to share his brand new single “Feel The Same”, a day before the song drops.

Talking about the new single, Devin Kennedy said: “‘Feel The Same’ is an upbeat, energetic pop song driven by guitars and soaring melodies. I wrote the track with a collaborator of mine Anthony Reeder in Los Angeles. It came to us quickly as we did the whole track in one day. The song speaks on having a loved one to share your success with. Without them, prosperity is meaningless.”

Listen To Devin Kennedy’s New Single “Feel The Same” Here:

Reiterating what Devin Kennedy said about his own song, it is upbeat and energetic with some groovy guitars and an awesome beat. His voice is entirely passionate whilst showcasing his musical abilities, his falsetto jumps in just at the right time and you can feel that he really means every word of this song – he really doesn’t want to lose his loved one.

“Feel The Same” will be made available tomorrow (November 2, 2018) to download and stream, for now, you can exclusively listen to it here on CelebMix.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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