EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Loren North’s “In Too Deep” Music Video

Indie pop singer-songwriter Loren North has returned with a brand new track “In Too Deep”, and CelebMix is excited to bring you the exclusive premiere of both the single and the music video!

Loren North’s longstanding love for music is evident in everything she does. The 23-year-old grew up exploring a variety of musical genres by singing in church and covering songs by other artists. Before launching her own music career, she was a backup singer for other artists, including Olivia Holt. North started out wanting to become a folk artist but changed direction after realizing the impact and artistic freedom she could have with pop music.

I fell in love with the way I could write catchy melodies with real weight behind them.”

Now she has developed a distinct style- consistently releasing tracks seeped with emotion and simple electronic melodies. Her debut, 5-track EP Starlight was released in 2016, and includes her most popular track “Feel It Out”. With close to 2 million streams on Spotify, the song reached #7 on Spotify’s Viral Global Chart and was featured on one of YouTuber Connor Franta’s compilation albums. As proven by her 2017 singles “Never Coming Back” and “Bad Timing”, North’s sound is only growing stronger with each new release. With her passion for music, a distinct style, and solid vocal talent, we think she has everything it takes to become a household name.

While “In Too Deep” is a pleasant tune to enjoy listening to, North intentionally infused it with a deeper meaning. “The feeling of this song gives off a warning. It’s really yelling “trust your intuition” and that voice in your head that might tell you that something isn’t right within a relationship. When you’re deep into a toxic relationship, you can’t see if you’re being controlled or manipulate quite as easily then the beginning when you aren’t “too deep” in yet,” says North. Her soft yet powerful vocals help convey this message to her listeners.

North also wrote “In Too Deep” with some personal experiences in mind. “I wish I could’ve heard a song like this to help me second-guess the situations I was in in the past,” she says. “It probably would’ve helped pull me out of some messes. This brings me a sense of meaning with releasing the song.”

The music video for “In Too Deep” perfectly captures North’s aesthetic and the slightly melancholy vibe of the song. With Super-8 footage and a warm, muted colour scheme, the distinct vintage style of the video creates feelings of nostalgia. Paired with North reflecting on the past relationship discussed in the song, the music video creates an experience for the viewer and enhances the meaning of the song itself.

Watch the music video for “In Too Deep” here:

That wraps up our exclusive premiere of Loren North’s “In Too Deep” video. We encourage you to check out both the song and video when they are officially released tomorrow, April 6.

Be sure to keep up with Loren on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. “In Too Deep” is available to download and stream now.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.