Exclusive Premiere: Loveday Chats To Us About Her Latest Single, ‘Bathtub’

Singer-songwriter, Loveday, has just dropped her latest single, ‘Bathtub’.

The captivating record reflects her lo-fi, electropop style where her calming vocals are elevated by an authentic melody.

‘Bathtub’ is embodied with ethereal synths and a downtempo beat while a water drip plays in the background.

Loveday says:

“I wrote the song about a bath I’d shared with my boyfriend. In that time, the world outside my bathroom didn’t exist, we were so wonderfully secluded.”

Loveday is a fast-rising artist full of youthful magnetism and a broad music style.

She has been recognized for this with past releases, ‘Close’ and ‘To You’.

Loveday’s most recent track, ‘Breathless (Like This)’, reached number one on Hype Machine and was supported by BBC Introducing.

Not only has she been recognised by The Chainsmokers, she is also supporting fellow singer-songwriter, Caitlyn Scarlett, at her headline show later this month.

We caught up with Loveday ahead of the release of, ‘Bathtub’, and she tells us all about her latest single, being on BBC Introducing, and being recognised by The Chainsmokers.

Hey Loveday, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did the name come from? 

Hey! I’m 19 and I’m from Warwickshire. Loveday is my middle name, I always hated it when I was younger because it was so different, but as I grew up I realised that was actually pretty cool and decided to use it as my artist name! The name itself is Cornish I believe, given to me by my mum who’s from Cornwall. 

How would you describe your latest single, ‘Bathtub’? 

I would describe ‘Bathtub’ as an intimate and vulnerable song. It was written about a very romantic moment I shared, it’s a little bit moody up until the end. I wanted to project this feeling of pure vulnerability, hanging up my pride and just saying ‘stay with me’. 

You have a very beautiful and unique voice. Who do you go to for inspiration? 

Thank you! I take a lot of inspiration from Stevie Nicks, The Japanese House, Lorde and so many more. I usually am most inspired by how the music sounds as a whole, not just vocals. I do not really think of myself as a singer, in my head, songwriting/singing/playing instruments/producing all merges into one thing. When it comes to singing, I do whatever feels comfortable for me or whatever sounds right in my mind at the time. I’m not a fan of vocal coaching even though it would probably help me with breathing and sounding more polished. I love the freedom of being able to do whatever I want when singing, even if I’m alone and it sounds awful! 

Did you have any other aspirations or hobbies growing up? 

I can’t recall ever wanting to do anything other than music. As a kid I was so mesmerised by live performances, I don’t remember ever going to a gig and not wanting to be the one on stage.? 

You were supported by BBC Introducing with your recent single, ‘Breathless’. What was that like? 

It was an amazing thing for me to hear Breathless on the radio. I think the work they do at BBC Introducing is really great. It can mean so much to an artist like myself, starting off in the music industry. 

You’ve also gained support from the Chainsmokers! How does the support from big names in the industry make you feel? 

It was a great feeling, just that they’ve listened to the track and deemed it worthy of a repost! It can sometimes be difficult to remain optimistic as a new artist, things can tend to move really slowly sometimes, moments like this can make a real difference to the overall feel of a project. Being supported by the Chainsmokers made me more determined than ever to succeed in music. 

You’re supporting Caitlyn Scarlett at her headline show this month. What can we expect?

Yes, so excited for this gig! I’m planning a stripped back set for this performance, just me and my lovely keyboardist performing both released and unreleased music!? 

We expect to hear a lot more of you this year but ultimately what are your goals for 2019? 

My goals for this year are to make as much music as possible, pushing the boat out and messing around with new styles that I’m yet to discover as well as gigging more and more. I am also planning to release an EP soon! My number one goal for 2019 is to be happy, I don’t want to rush anything, I want to take my time with making/releasing music and thoroughly enjoy the ride. ? 

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Written by Jodi

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