EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of The Rising’s ‘Endless Summer’ Music Video

On August 2nd, Irish country-rock band The Rising shared their brand new single ‘Endless Summer‘, the track has had a truly wonderful response from fans and critics alike and has been playlisted by numerous radio stations across UK, Ireland, Europe, and America. The group were also named BBC Introducing Band Of The Month recently and as a result, BBC Introducing has really got behind the new single and is championing it all the way.

Speaking about the song, Chris and Chantelle say: “Going into this single we had just recently lost our bass player, Brian Mellors. Brian had decided that he could not longer be a part of the band due to other commitments outside the band. So “Endless Summer” marks a real turning point for us as we are now a duo. Although we do still play as a full band but will use session musicians moving forward. So this single was the first song that we recorded completely as a duo with us playing all instruments and vocals, bar the drums which were done in Nashville. We have always written and recorded the tracks to a point as a duo but then got the rest of the band involved to play other instruments like the bass. So in a way officially becoming a duo has added an element of freedom and allowed the creative process to be pure and from the source with no additional people involved. 

The song itself is quite lyrically revealing and quite risqué in places. But we wanted to keep it accessible so we used a lot of metaphor to make it sound more innocent. We also wanted the lyrics to reflect the joys of summer and the things we all remember from our best summers. But the message of the Endless Summer basically sets out the idea that we should all seek to do the things that make us happy. Take risks and live our best lives as life is short so why not enjoy it the best you can”.

Now, The Rising are ready to share the official music video for the hit track. The clip has been produced, filmed and directed by the duo as they look to cut costs and add extra strings to their bow.

Talking about the video process, The Rising say: “As we are independent artists we really embrace a fully DIY approach and we have also started shooting our own music videos. This has happened out of necessity. Simply put, as independent artists, we don’t have the funds available to hire in film crews, etc to shoot multiple music videos. Previously we had employed a film crew but it grew out of control financially. So we made a conscious decision at the beginning of the “Moving On” album to invest in cameras and film making equipment. We set about learning all we could about cameras, filming, lighting, etc to be able to become completely self-contained. Our first attempt was the music video for Rebound. Since then we have shot several music videos ourselves. So with the Endless Summer video, we knew that we wanted to try and break boundaries for the type of visuals you see in music videos from independent acts. We fiercely hate performance music videos as they look so tacky and fake. But you always have to have an element of that. But we try and downplay that in order to focus on a narrative and developing more cinematic visuals.

The process for the video was basically, any shots of Chantelle are shot by Chris. Any shots of Chris are shot by Chantelle. We developed a theme and a storyboard for the video and then basically shot all the additional footage. With this song, we wanted to show off four distinct stories that are happening during summer at a beach. The performance footage ties the whole thing together. We wanted to show the fun and carefree memories that summer conjures up. In a way the ideal summer. Be it hanging out with your friends camping out under the stars at the beach, having a massive beach house party. But we knew we wanted the visuals to be very cinematic, so we spent a long time getting the shots required. We shot on location at various beaches in Ireland with some special magic at the editing stage to create the illusion of blazing sunsets”.

Here at CelebMix, we are thrilled to bring you the world exclusive premiere of the ‘Endless Summer’ music video:

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