Exclusive Premiere: Tess- “Hypnotized”

Today, CelebMix is excited to bring you the premiere of “Hypnotized”, the new single from singer-songwriter Tess.

L.A.- based artist Tess Polachek, otherwise known as “This is Tess” or simply Tess, has been passionate about music for nearly her whole life. She recalls a particularly enlightening moment about her talent for singing that occurred when she was only 12 years old.

“I was asked to sing for a woman who was very sick with cancer … For the first time in days the woman opened her eyes and smiled, clasping onto her loved ones hand.  This moment touched my heart and soul.”

From there, Tess went on to study musical theatre, and also discover her talent for songwriting and love for electronic music. She played the starring role of Sandy in a live action version of Grease for a while before moving out west. While living in L.A, she proved that she truly is a jack of all trades! She has worked with several artists on writing songs, including Awolnation, Lost Kings, and Max Vangeli, she released a single “Weightless” that was a hit in Germany, and she performed as a dancer at various festivals.

These diverse experiences each bring something special to her music, as seen with the richly textured track “Hypnotized” we’re premiering for you today. The lyrics effortlessly melt into each other and paint the picture of an intense and passionate relationship. The second verse brings a hint of sorrow with the line “I want you but it’s bittersweet, cause I can’t keep you here with me,” but the soaring vocals Tess brings during the chorus dominate the mood of the song.

Give “Hypnotized” a listen below!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.