EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Vimbai Taylor releases her first single ‘Small Things’

Upcoming artist Vimbai has just released her very first single ‘Small Things’, which we are sure will become a hit.

Vimbai says she has always felt music in her soul, and so decided that pursuing a musical career was the only natural thing to do.

Despite only being sixteen years old, Vimbai crafts music that resonates with such a wide majority of people, from all kinds of perspectives. Similarities with the popular artist Ruth B come to mind when listening to her music, with her soft voice with its strong emotion against the beautiful strumming of a guitar and a thinking piano.

Small Things is about all the situations that no one prepares you for when you are growing up. Such as the heartbreak that comes from your first love, or how to deal with being in a low period in life, or moving to college.

Check out Small Things here!

What’s next from Vimbai?

The young singer is continuing to write music, and we can expect new music soon along with an EP in the future. Whilst this is only the beginning of her career, she is on track to becoming an important voice for her generation, both musically and socially with the subjects she comments on.

“I feel a lot of this generation can accept people as they are and respect them for their art and not if they have the perfect body or attitude. I want to make good music and be recognized for my talents.”

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Written by Enya Savage

20 year old literature student, lover of books and theatre!
Contact: @enya_savage on Instagram and Twitter