Promotional image for "Back Then" that sees Gavin_P posing on a concrete bridge where he is wearing a black-and-white aztec-print shirt, opened to show his black t-shirt. In the top right corner is an overlay image of the single cover artwork that looks like a vinyl sleeve with the disc being green with white aztec design shapes covering the bottom-half.

CelebMix Premiere: Gavin_P stuns with summer floor-filler anthem titled “Back Then”

Summer is rolling in thick and fast, so it’s not a surprise to see all these summer anthems hit the airways, and we’ve got a brilliant floor-filler from Gavin_P, titled “Back Then”. We’re so excited to have the opportunity to premiere this track to our readers a week prior to its official release. This is the follow-up to the summer treasure “Ain’t Nobody”.

Gavin_P, real name Gavin Pearson, is a UK house DJ and producer who has gone on to achieve huge success as a DJ, performing at iconic venues around the world as well as legendary residences and vacancies such as Pikes Hotel, Ibiza. His incredible career to date just showcases his capability as an artist and we’re excited to hear the music that he drops. Last year saw him release his debut single, “Aint Nobody”, which became a hit across Ibiza, being played at various venues. His work ethic has put him in good stead to go on to become a top dance producer and artist in the industry, having heard some of the best music in the last few years, included them in his sets, and created unforgettable mixes – he knows exactly what he is doing and we’re beyond interested in watching what the future holds for him.

Set to be released on Waze & Odyssey’s label Street Tracks, “Back Then” brings a nostalgic ’90s club feel mixed around a mainstream rhythm and upbeat vocals that is bound to bring summer rays in Ibiza, this year. Addicting from the very start, this is bound to get you moving, right before the awesome vocals kick in around prominent piano chords. Lyrically, the song delves into love loss and reflecting on how your ex is holding hands with another person in the same way that they held yours – a thought that runs chills through all of our veins. Highly relatable lyrics, with brilliant passionate vocals, and intricate dance vibes that coalesce around the female voice adding house beats and a groovy drop that flows effortlessly throughout, “Back Then” is set to become our summer 2023 anthem, and we’re sure it’ll become yours as soon as you listen below.

Talking about the two-track EP that he is set to drop on 12 May, Gavin_P said: “‘By My Side’ is my old school piano house banger and a personal favourite. Currently, the dance music scene is the best it’s been for 25 years or so – more joyful, more soulful, like old school American garage, UK piano House and Acid House. For ‘Back Then’, I combined a piano house riff with a more modern bassline and a vocal that pulls at people’s emotions. When it breaks down, it’s pretty uplifting.”

Here’s the CelebMix premiere of “Back Then” by Gavin_P here:

“Back Then”, by Gavin_P, is set to be officially released on Friday 12 May 2023, alongside the release of “By Your Side”, both of which will be available to download and stream, across all platforms, on that date, via Street Tracks.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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