EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Secondhand Serenade

Secondhand Serenade has just released Awake: Remixed and Remastered, 10 Years & 10,000 Tears Later, an update on the original album released in 2007. We got the chance to ask singer John Vesely all about the new release and current tour. Check out our exclusive Q&A below!


10 years after the original release of Awake, how has it felt to change up the classics?

It’s been a great process. So much has happened since the original release, I thought it was time to give these songs some new life. What better time to do it than 10 years later? And judging by the response so far, the changes seem welcomed. The fans have been embracing the revised versions of the old songs and also really into the 2 new ones.


What sort of changes were made to the songs? Do you consider it a fully new sound or an update on the old one?
The songs are basically the same as they were. All that was added was some orchestra, piano and of course a new mix and master. They sound amazing. I’m so happy with how it all turned out. The quality of the sound is just so much better now and the added layers give the tracks a more epic feel than they originally had.
We saw on Twitter that you’re releasing two brand new songs on the album. What has been your most recent inspiration to write new lyrics?
I wanted to go back to writing how I did when Awake first came out. My music has evolved through the years and I felt it was time to go back to the beginning and write songs in the way I would have written them back then. The only difference would be the 10 years of experience since the original. It was a challenge for sure, but one I happily accepted.
Is it too soon to ask if you’re working on more new songs to release after Awake: Remixed and Remastered, 10 Years & 10,000 Tears Later comes out?
Honestly, this process has not only renewed my passion for this project but it seems like it’s sparked something with my fans as well. I think it’s safe to say I’ll have something new on the horizon.
So you’re just about to hit the road on tour — what are you most excited for? Performing again, seeing fans, etcetera? 
I’m excited to play through “Awake” and sing with all the fans. This is gonna be just as important to me as it will be to them. 10 years may have passed by but the songs still mean so much. And my passion for being on the road is just as alive as it ever was. I’ll never get sick of connecting with my fans the way I do on tour.
We know MySpace was big in terms of expanding your popularity, do you still enjoy interacting with fans on social media?
Of course I enjoy having that connection. Social media is stronger than it’s ever been. It’s amazing to see that relationship online translate to a relationship in person at the shows. It all works hand in hand. It’s tougher to keep up with so many different platforms now but I fully embrace technology and the instant access it gives us artists to our fans. And vice versa!
Last but not least, do you have any words for the supporters that have stuck by you all these years?
I am so humbled by the support I have gotten and there is no way I can thank you all enough. I am here because you believe in me and the music I make. My only hope is that I can keep making music that inspires hope and thank you all in person for the opportunity one day.

Awake: Remixed and Remastered, 10 Years & 10,000 Tears Later can be found on iTunes and Spotify now.

In addition, Secondhand Serenade is currently on tour and all dates can be found below. Don’t forget to follow Vesely on Twitter @secondhandjohn!


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Written by Kirra Johnson