Exclusive: Q&A with Chloe Lilac

Today marks the day of Chloe Lilac’s stunning Manic Pixie Dream EP release and the breakthrough star chats to CelebMix.

Q: Hey Chloe, what are you up to today? 
A: Hey!! I’m currently flying home from LA back to New York City. 

Q: It’s a big week for you with the Manic Pixie Dream EP out on Friday. Are you excited for that release? 
A: I’m so excited to finally put it out! I’ve been working on this EP since I was 14. It’s especially sentimental to me because I feel like it really captures my growth as a young woman through the years of high school.

Q: We love the title-track and can’t get it out of our heads! How did ‘Manic Pixie Dream’ come about? 
A: Thank you so much!! Manic Pixie Dream came about because I feel like as an artist and as a young woman, the trope is often forced on me. It gets really frustrating. A lot of songs on the EP deal with that and how it made me feel, as well as growing up as a young woman in 2019 in NYC. 

Q: Is there more of that dark, moody pop sound on the EP?
A: Oh for sure! The tone of this EP is super moody. 

Q: You played your first headline show in hometown Brooklyn in January, congratulations! How did it go? 
A: Thank you! It was incredible! For the first time I’m playing with a band and with in ear monitors, before that show I’d pretty much just be on stage with an iPad 2, a guitar and a piano by myself. It’s amazing working with real musicians and learning how to perform my own songs with other people.


Q: You’ve had some pretty cool support slots with Charlotte Lawrence, Sasha Sloan and Rejjie Snow. How have those helped your live shows? 
A: I’m so grateful I’ve had the privilege of touring with such amazing acts. Tour has 100% helped my live shows. Rejjie Snow’s demographic and Charlotte Lawrence and Sasha Sloan’s demographics are all pretty different. Playing to a bunch of different fan bases definitely taught me how to read a room. 

Q: We’re guessing you’re a proud New Yorker. What do you love so much about the city? 
A: I love everything about NYC. It keeps me grounded. The artistic and social atmosphere is unlike any other city. I thoroughly believe to be young in New York in the summer is something everyone should experience. THAT is the most magical thing. The city comes alive, it’s almost as if the air is electric. As a young person here, I get a lot of freedom with the trains even though the MTA hasn’t been the most reliable recently. I was born here and I plan to die here. 

Q: For fans who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe your sound? 
A:  My sound is new but nostalgic. 

Q: When you’re not in the studio, what are you listening to at the moment? 
A: Oh man good question. Car Seat Headrest, Joji, Earthgang, Anderson Paak, Childish Gambino, David Bowie, Drake, Lana Del Rey, Hole Hiatus Kaiyote, Lauren Hill and Kendrick Lamar. 

Q: Finally, can you describe the new EP in three words? 
A: Coming Of Age

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Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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