EXCLUSIVE: Q&A with Krysh

CelebMix catches up with hot upcoming producer Krysh about new single ‘About You’, Charli XCX and more…

Following big plays on Charli XCX’s Beats 1 takeovers, Krysh’s name is starting to pop up more and more on social media. The music-maker has his fingers on some of the hottest beats and CelebMix found out more about the emerging talent.

Q: Hey Krysh, how are you? 
A: Hey, I’m doing well!

Q: You’ve broken onto the scene quite recently. Can you introduce yourself for people who might not have come across your music yet?
A: I’m a 16-year old Swedish dude who likes to make music every free second I have. I try my best to uniquely infuse the worlds of electronic music, pop music and other genres as well, putting my own spin on those styles.

Q: Your new single ‘About You’ is a pretty special track. You must be pretty proud of that song?
A: Very much so! I actually started working on that track around 9 months ago. At first, I wasn’t sure whether or not I should keep working on it, because I thought that it sounded too generic. However, after some encouragement from my friends and reconsidering it myself, I kept on going. I tried to get a vocalist on it, but nobody was interested. I ended up doing the vocals myself, and I really like how they turned out.

Q: You’ve had some big support from Charli XCX, when did you find out she was into your music?
A: I recently played a virtual Minecraft music festival called “Fire Festival”. Among the performers were umru, the Estonian king, who played a set with A.G. Cook, who is a producer who works very closely with Charli, and is the head of the ‘PC Music’ label. A.G. found out about me from my performance and added a few of my songs to the P.C. Music ‘Perfect Music Friday’ playlist. From there, he personally told Charli about my music, and soon after, they both followed me on my Instagram (@kryshdude). She ended up playing my music on her Beats 1 radio takeover.

Q: The reaction to your first spin on Beats 1 was pretty wild. What was that like?
A: It was an absolutely mindblowing experience. As I’ve been a huge fan of Charli for a while, it came as a hugely welcome surprise to see her openly support my music. I’m extremely grateful for her continued support. As recently as earlier this week, she premiered my latest track “About You” on Beats 1 as well.

Q: Which artists inspire you the most when you’re making music? 
A: This list could go on for ages, but I’ll try keeping it brief. Flume is one of my biggest inspirations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to ‘Skin’, but I can tell you that he is my most listened to artist every year on Spotify. SOPHIE is also a huge inspiration, her insane sound design always inspires me. Cashmere Cat too, ‘9’ is incredible. I’m also hugely inspired by Jai Paul, Mura Masa (I especially love his track with Charli) and legends like Prince.

Q: What’s your normal process when you sit down to make a track? 
A: It varies from song to song. Sometimes I start by making a random bass sound in serum, or sometimes I just make a drum pattern. The only thing that’s constant about my process is that I use Ableton on my laptop.

Q: Some of your singles are pretty big hits already. We love ‘Dreams’ and it’s already got over 230,000 Spotify streams. Tell us more about that track. 
A: I worked on ‘Dreams’ for about 6 months before releasing it. I had just discovered the artist Dark0 and I was inspired by his dreamy synths, which can be heard throughout ‘Dreams’, especially during the intro. The drop is extremely different from the beginning. I decided to make it contrast the intro, by making it sound large and wide. I also played around with the idea of silence, as yet another contrast to the large drop. That was the first track of mine that got into an official playlist on Spotify, and it took off from there.

Q: You’ve got a few singles out already, is there anything bigger you’re working on? An EP/mixtape/album?
A: I’m not working on a larger project at the moment, however I’d love to if the right label signed me. However, it would be very important for me that the label would let me do my thing and not put me in a box. I’m also working on some collaborations, with both producers and vocalists.

Q: How did the name Krysh come about? 
A: My first alias was Carl Edward, which is just my first and middle name. I pretty quickly realized though that it didn’t suffice as an alias, so I had a brainstorming session with someone I had met in a discord server. Their suggestion was ‘Khrysh’. I initially didn’t quite like the look of it, but as soon as I removed the first ‘h’, I knew it was the one.

Q: Finally, if you could describe KRYSH in three words, what would they be?
A: Tryna push boundaries

Krysh’s new track ‘About You’ is out now. Let us know what you think @CelebMix on Twitter.

Written by Toby Bryant

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