Exclusive Review – The Hara ‘No Regrets’ EP

Despite being together for less than a year, The Hara – made up of members Josh Taylor (vocalist), Zack Breen (guitarist) and Jack Kennedy (drummer) – have already completed a UK headline tour, are currently in the middle of their second headline tour, and released their track ‘Made To Be.’ Not to mention their debut EP gained a Number 1 position in the official iTunes pre-order charts, a phenomenal achievement.

The trio are now preparing for the release of their debut EP, titled ‘No Regrets,’ set for release on 12 May, featuring five original tracks.

Here at CelebMix, we have had the opportunity to exclusively review the EP. Keep reading to check out our review!

‘When It All Goes Wrong’ 

Without a doubt, this is the perfect track to introduce listeners to The Hara’s sound, a mix between rock and pop. ‘When It All Goes Wrong’ is an extremely upbeat track, but the lyrics have a deeper meaning, something that no doubt listeners can relate to. The track speaks about enjoying everything in life, not dwelling for too long on the negatives and the assurance that in time, things will get better – lyrics which can be applied to a multitude of situations.

‘Accidental Love’ 

‘Accidental Love’ is the second track to feature on the EP. One thing that particularly stood out for us was the lead-up to the chorus and the chorus’ catchy beat will have you singing along for days! As with the other tracks on the EP, the band manages to create the right balance between the use of vocals and instruments. We love this track, and it fits in perfectly with the band’s musical direction.


‘Firestorm’ is one of the more stripped back tracks on the EP. The sheer rawness of the vocals is captivating, and with an acoustic sound, this track manages to showcase the diversity and true talent of The Hara, demonstrating that this EP has allowed them to experiment with a range of sounds. The bridge section of the track has an fantastic build-up to the final chorus, which we love!

‘Made To Be’ 

‘Made To Be’ was recently released on iTunes, and allowed fans the opportunity to preview what was to come on the EP. ‘Made To Be’ is quite the contrast to previous track ‘Firestorm.’ In each track on the EP, but particularly this one, each member has a chance to showcase their talent – be it vocals, guitar or drums.

‘All Worked Out’

Right from the first beat of the track, it’s easily established that this is one of the most rock-based songs on the EP. Even in the verses of the track, the lyrics are fantastic, and tie in well to the rest of the song. This track excellently wraps up what is a sensational debut EP, and ‘All Worked Out’ again allows for the band to showcase their talent, and the infectious, catchy nature of the track is fantastic.

Overall, the EP is incredible, and as we’ve mentioned, it showcases the band’s talent, along with their ability to break in to different musical sounds.

If you haven’t already, you can pre-order The Hara’s debut EP on iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster