Exclusive: Samantha Harvey chats about Get to Know You

Samantha Harvey shot to fame after gaining a following by covering popular songs on her YouTube channel. The social media sensation began by covering Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down which she then sang for her one million subscriber celebration.

In 2017 Samantha released her independent single Forgive Forget which peaked at number 48 in the UK Singles Chart before releasing her first major-label single Please in February 2018.

More recently she has just released her brand new track Get To Know You. We spoke exclusively to Samantha to discuss her brand new single, the impact of social media and what she has coming up.

You’ve just released your latest single ‘Get to know you’  tell us a bit more about the track? 
‘Get To Know You’ is about that excitement you feel the first time you meet someone you like, and you want to know every detail about them. It’s a feel good song, which everyone can sing and dance along to. Which seems to be happening by the looks of my Instagram DMs!
After playing an intimate gig at Caffé Nero, describe that, how different is it compared to playing to larger audiences? 
I love them both, whether it be an intimate show or one in front of thousands of people. When it’s intimate you get to see people’s reactions and gigs like those are where I started, so I really enjoy those. With larger audiences, it’s really powerful hearing them sing the lyrics back to you and seeing them engaged!
In 2018 you headlined your own sold-out shows, what did that feel like? 
Incredible! Never in a million years did I expect to sell as many tickets as we sold. It’s one thing to have a social media following, it’s another to have people make an effort to come and see you live.
You will be visiting schools to talk to students, what kind of message are you trying to get across to them?
With the internet being so accessible to kids, they really have to be aware of how to stay safe online and the dangers of online bullying. I sometimes receive nasty comments, so I wanted to share my experience and what I’ve learned from being online over the years.
Being well recognised on different social media platforms, what kind of challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them? 
Receiving negative comments regularly was a challenge for me. Also, learning to not have my self worth directly tied to my view count and learning not to compare myself to other people in this industry.
What kind of role has social media played in terms of your career?
It’s has been the enabler for my career. I’ve been extremely lucky with the support I have received from what started out as a hobby. Now that has turned into my career, thanks to those who have chosen to follow me!
Having a large fan base that consists of younger fans, how important is it to be a positive role model to them?  
It is super important to set an example for everybody that follows me, not just the younger generation! I try to communicate to my audience that they should not compare themselves to others and to love yourself for who you are.
What are fans expect to see from you in the coming months?
Definitely more new original music. Maybe a music video in there somewhere… I also hope for an even bigger and better tour!
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Written by Olivia

Media & Popular Culture Graduate. Experience in PR with CSYC & Laura Crane Cancer Trust.