EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Darling Talks New Single ‘Diamonds’, Upcoming Album, British Fans and More

The last time we spoke to US country music sensation Sarah Darling, she had just released her stunning single ‘Wasted‘ and was gearing up for the start of her debut headlining UK tour.

Now, three months later we catch up with the honoury Brit to discuss her newest single ‘Diamonds‘ which will be released Friday, June 15th, upcoming studio album, British fans, and UK festival slots;

The last time we spoke, you had just released ‘Wasted’ and now you are gearing up for the release of ‘Diamonds’, how excited are you to be releasing another single?  

As an artist you spend most of your time just anticipating getting the next new thing to put out! I’ve been really excited about this song in particular and what it means to me.

When you performed ‘Diamonds’ live during your UK tour it made an instant connection with your fans, was that a driving force behind choosing it as your next release?  

I chose ‘Diamonds’ because of its power. It’s a story that we all face at one point or another of feeling like we’ve hit the bottom.  During my last tour, I had a few really life changing stories that made this song a for sure to release.  It’s all about others feeling amazing and finding the good in a bad situation. I’ve also been [at] rock bottom and had to pull myself back up.  

Both ‘Diamonds’ and ‘Wasted’ are moving, poignant songs with strong messages of going through pain and finding light, is that the overall vibe of your next LP? 

Thank you for the sweet words. I definitely have a connection with writing the light songs. I think that will always be weaved in any project I do. That subject is very important to me as an artist.  Overall my life has been the greatest adventure the last few years and I will have some new things to say on the next album.  

And speaking of your new album, can we still expect that to drop around October? 

Let’s just say I’m working on the project now! I have lots of surprises ahead and Fall has something wonderful on the horizon.

You describe your sound as “Dream Country”, which was also the name of your last album, can you give us any hints as to what your new record will be called and the overall musical style? 

The next album will describe the last few years of my life. It’s amazing how the road twists and winds in beautiful ways you would never expect. I’m looking forward to a bit more experimental sounds as well as collaborations with UK writers. It’s really an elevation of where I’ve been.


With all this new music on the horizon can fans expect another full tour from you soon? 

Definitely planning another full band tour  It’s hard for me to stay away! It’s always exciting to share new music and the new vibe.  

Can we also expect a video for ‘Diamonds’ soon? 

Oh the suspense! I have some beautiful ideas of what this could be. We will just have to wait and see. 

Along with releasing new music, you’re also performing at a number of UK festivals this summer, is there one in particular you’re most excited for?  

When I got asked to join the Paul Simon show for [Barclaycard Presents] British Summer Time July 15 I screamed! I’m so excited for this one :) 

What can attendees expect from your sets? 

You can always expect to be taken on a journey as well as reflecting. I’m a very visual person so it’s amazing when I get to transport someone to a beautiful place.    

And finally, speaking of UK Festivals, you’re a big part of the Country movement in the UK, do you have a message for your British fans?  
Honestly, I’m so grateful to my UK fans. I felt like they breathed a new light into my life I never saw coming and I feel loved.  ??  

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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