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EXCLUSIVE: Shayla Souliere talks new single ‘Let Me Go’

Canadian singer-songwriter Shayla Souliere is back with her brand new single ‘Let Me Go’.

We first introduced you to the songstress in 2016 after she released her infectious single ‘Screw U’. Since then, Shayla has grown from strength to strength as an artist, developing her sound whilst building a loyal fanbase along the way.

‘Let Me Go’ is Shayla’s first offering of 2018 but it was definitely worth the wait. Armed with a catchy chorus, the track is an infectious bop which sees the songstress push a loved one to finally be real with her. Whilst ‘Let Me Go’ is laced with Shayla’s signature sass, there’s also a definite shift both in terms of lyrics and sound, marking the start of an exciting new era for the artist, and making her one to watch for 2019.

We recently caught up with Shayla to talk about ‘Let Me Go’, Canada’s influence on her sound, her future plans and more.

Hi Shayla, welcome back to CelebMix! The last time we spoke to you was following the release of ‘Over’ last year – what have you been up to since?

Thank you so much for having me back CelebMix! Well, I have been working so hard on on new music (as you know, I just released my first single of 2018 and have much more coming in the New Year) and I have also been pursuing some acting and modelling!

You’re back with the release of your new single ‘Let Me Go’. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?

Going into this song, I wanted to create something that everyone could have fun to. I feel like we accomplished that, and I hope others think so too.

What was the creative process like? How long did it take for the song to develop from an idea to the final product?

As I worked with a producer based in Los Angeles and I am from Canada, we actually started the writing process before I was even in LA! We collaborated via online, it’s amazing what you can do these days! I would say it took a couple months or so to have everything finalized.

What’s your favorite lyric from the song?

“Are you gunna love me love me, or are you gunna let me go”! This is my fav line as I am a overall positive person and I am not about waiting around for a guy to make a move!

Are there any plans for a music video? If so, what can we expect from it?

I actually haven’t had much talk in regards to creating a music video for this single! But.. There will be one eventually in the new year, if that’s for this single or future projects.

‘Let Me Go’ is going to be sent to Canadian Radio. How are you feeling about being able to hear your music on the radio?

Oh my goodness! You have no idea how excited I am!! This has been a goal of mine probably since I started in the industry. To have found a team that believes in my music as much as I do, is a dream come true!

Are you working towards an EP or album? If so, what can we expect from it?

Right now, we are releasing single by single! But there are goals to release hopefully an EP and an album in the future!

We’ve been following your career since the release of ‘Screw U’ – how would you say your sound has evolved since then?

“Screw U” was for sure one of my most successful songs and I think from the release of “Screw U” to now, my overall sound has matured and am stronger vocally! I feel like with this new music, it is more of an accurate representation of me and with the help of my amazing producer AJ Arroyo, I think I have FINALLY FOUND MY SOUND!

You come from Canada, a country which is known for a number of huge musical artists including Drake, Alessia Cara and Justin Bieber. How has the country influenced you musically?

I LOVE MY COUNTRY! Canada is amazing and there are so many talented individuals here. I would say the fact that we have produced such amazing artists the past few years pushes me to be the best version of myself, especially in my music. It shows me that I can also bring my career to their level as well.

You’ve spent a lot of time writing and recording in Los Angeles. How is the music vibe different there?

I honestly wouldn’t say there is a huge difference. Everyone is hustling and wanting to create the best opportunities for themselves.

What has been your favorite moment from 2018?

I don’t think I could pick just one! However, I will say.. I am so lucky to have the amazing supporters that I have and have my incredible family and friends.

2019 is fast approaching, what are your dreams for next year?

It sure is! I would love to go on tour, release more new music, and keep hustling/keep creating bigger and better goals for myself.

Thank you to Shayla for her time. Make sure you keep up to date with her via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

‘Let Me Go’ is out now.

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