Sicily Rose
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EXCLUSIVE: Sicily Rose Chats About “First Love”

Sicily Rose is a serious force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. With a confident social media presence and strong fanbase, she effortlessly captures the attention of millions as an influencer, singer-songwriter and actress on an everyday basis. And when it comes to her music, Rose’s rising popularity on streaming platforms has garnered international support from listeners of all ages. Most recently, she released her latest single, “First Love,” which follows the release of “Don’t Go Back.” This single is the “Dollhouse” singer’s third release of this year. In an exclusive interview with CelebMix, Sicily Rose opens up about her music, social media and more.

What can you tell us about your latest single, “First Love,” and the inspiration behind that track?

I had the best time writing this song! It means something very special to me, and it was emotional to write. It will always be one of my favorites. 

How does “First Love” differ from other singles you have released in the past?

Well, I’m trying really hard to break into the pop/rock world, and this song has been a great stepping stone into that world. 

Can fans expect to hear more new music before the end of this year? What can you tease about that? 

Yes! I am hopefully putting out another single in October. Stay tuned for a possible EP coming [soon].

You worked with Mason & Julez and ZAZ on your track “Can’t Go Back.” Who else would you like to work with in the future?

I don’t know! I would love to do a duet with someone, so hopefully an opportunity comes up where I can get to do that.

Besides making music, you also have a massively successful and popular Youtube channel: The Sis Show. How do you balance your passions and still make time to connect with fans on social media?

It is a lot, but I love It. The best answer to that question for me would be staying consistent, but my fans make it easy! I love creating content for them. 

As a young star growing up in the public eye, do you ever feel pressure from social media and the people who watch your content?

Yes, I do. But I have always known from the beginning that although this world is a lot, it also has huge rewards! So it’s all worth it. You just have to remember to breathe.

Speaking of social media and the internet, what is your favorite platform to create content on and why? 

I would say Instagram! I absolutely love Instagram! It’s constantly changing and getting new things. And it’s where I started, so it is my fave. 

What can fans and viewers expect to see or hear from you in the near future?

Much more music and some more on-screen opportunities very soon!

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Written by Alessandra

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