Exclusive: Solomon Taiwo Justified talks new projects and #OscarsSoWhite

English-born Solomon Taiwo Justified is an up and coming actor with several impressive acting credits to his name. Including Obsession: Dark Desires and Troy, he is no stranger to drama and action television and film. He has worked hard for all he has achieved, having been homeless prior to his success.

I couldn’t explain [acting] in one word… But it’s my life.

Solomon took the time to chat with CelebMix about all things acting, film and television. Have a read below!


CM: Hi, Solomon! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for CelebMix. How have you been?

STJ: Well I’ve been very busy, working hard and enjoying life at the same time.

You’ve been a part of several television shows and films, such as Troy and Obsession: Dark Desires. Which project has been your favourite to be a part of and why?

Obsession: Dark Desires has to be my favourite at the moment… I’m definitely a fan of crime short documentaries after watching the finished project on the ID Channel. I totally understand why it is so successful in America… The truth is, the documentary sent chills down my spine — documentaries usually don’t do that to me. Also the crew were awesome.

Tell us about recent and upcoming work that you will be involved in.

I recently finished and starred in Vicky Pattison’s 5stars Strip Date… What an experience. I’m referred to as the chicken loving gentleman lol.

I’ve also taken on the role of a New York police man in a new horror feature film called Plastic Toys, out in 2018.

How would you describe your approach to acting? Are you a method actor? What is your best strategy for rehearsing and remembering lines?

Well, we all act daily, we just don’t know it. I have a very adoptable personality. Everybody has their way of learning lines — I like to picture myself reading poetry.

Exclusive: Solomon Taiwo Justified talks new projects and #OscarsSoWhite 1

We all know that you’re a great actor, but would you ever consider working behind the scenes as a director or producer?

Lol, of course I would. Anything’s possible, if it’s meant to happen it will definitely happen…

We would imagine being an actor requires a lot of knowledge about literature — what are your all-time favourite films and books?

My all-time favourite books are Harry Potter, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Alchemist and The Secret.

My all-time favourite films are The Mask, Star Wars, Fantastic Five, X Men, Terminator and Fast and Furious… I can’t get enough of Fast and Furious.

In light of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, involving seemingly skewed nominations during this year’s Oscar Awards, what is your take on diversity in the film industry?

I see things like this everything happen for a reason, I believe there is a lot diversity in London now, but I’m not to sure about the Oscars situation. I tend to not get involved without knowing all the facts. But I do agree diversity should be looked into more.

Who has played a key role in defining your acting career?

Well, I’m a very independent person, I tend to do things by myself. My mum and dad have always helped me along the way.

Many actors and high profile people now are becoming more publicly involved in philanthropic causes. What causes are you most passionate about? How would you like to contribute to that cause in the future?

I would love to create a charity that helps young struggling individuals seeking opportunities in life. The charity would give them a platform to use as they please to create their own business. Also, the charity would promote the individuals’ businesses to a wider audience.

In one word, how would you describe what film and literature mean to you?

I couldn’t explain it in one word as we will be here all day. But it’s my life.

Solomon, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, here at CelebMix. We wish you well for your future and we hope to see your future projects soon!


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Written by Uyen