Exclusive: Sophie Simmons talks Family Jewels and Music

Sophie Simmons just celebrated her 24th birthday on July 7! We got to speak to the beautifully talented gal on music, film, body image and so much more.

What is your favorite memory of Family Jewels?
I just loved spending so much time with my family. I feel like a lot of kinds in Los Angeles miss out on that.

We adore how outspoken you are about body image. Tell us why this is so important.
It’s a issue that effects women of all ages in all countries. We are all self-conscious, nervous and unsure. If there is a way I can help make that any easier for women, I’m doing it.

Exclusive: Sophie Simmons talks Family Jewels and Music 3

What’s your go to outfit?

Black T Shirt and leggings, Nikes.

You have a charity Sophie’s Place. Please educate us on the subject.
It’s a center for abused children. We work with the Center for Child Development. It’s a tough topic to talk about and for the safety of the children we work with we can’t give out information a lot of the time and that makes it hard for people to connect o the subject. But it’s happening all around us in every city and to ignore it is an injustice.

Should we be expecting original music soon?
Yes! I’m always writing and recording songs. No official dates yet but expect something soon.

Exclusive: Sophie Simmons talks Family Jewels and Music 1

Will you be performing any new material on the Kiss Kruise?
I might slip in a few! I always like to do an ode to the artists that inspired me first in any set. The Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald. The greats first. Respect.

Do you have a favorite style of music?
I love Jazz! Old standards, classics! And I love blending that with my alternative pop to make cool new sounds!

Are you open to do more acting in the future?
Yes! I’m always jumping into indie films. There is no other environment in film that lets you have creative license like indie films.

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Written by CelebMix