Exclusive Premiere: Stealth unveils 'Gotta Stop Loving You' music video 1

Exclusive Premiere: Stealth unveils ‘Gotta Stop Loving You’ music video

Here at CelebMix, we are delighted to bring you the exclusive premiere of Stealth’s ‘Gotta Stop Loving You’ music video. The gifted vocalist’s latest single is equally soulful and soul-stirring!

By reflecting on a lost love, Stealth has created an introspective track with frank lyricism that will resonate with listeners on a global scale. As hard as it may be, sometimes the only way to deal with heartbreak is to move on. Reconciliation isn’t always an option.

The ‘Gotta Stop Loving You’ video was filmed predominantly in Los Angeles. Stealth, who is renowned for his impassioned powerhouse vocals, sings his heart out in the three minute clip.

Speaking to us about the inspiration for his new single and his experience shooting the video, Stealth said: “I wrote the song after breaking up with a long-term girlfriend. It was the right call from her but it didn’t make it feel any better. I wanted to write a song that essentially said I don’t blame you for anything and I’m not angry, but shit this hurts like hell.

Filming the video was great fun! I happened to be in LA writing and it just seemed to work filming out there. We had an amazing location out in Joshua Tree, which really fitted in with the idea of me running away. It was a bit nerve-wracking though. This was my first full performance piece for a music video. And probably one of the most personal songs I’ve released to date so knowing you’re having that level of emotion put out there for the world to see is quite daunting. But I think it really comes together so credit to Ryan Saradjola/WMA Studios.

‘Gotta Stop Loving You’ will be released tomorrow via Ultra Records so make sure you purchase a copy and stream it to your heart’s content. It’s the first track to be lifted from Stealth’s forthcoming ‘Chorus’ EP which is scheduled for release this September. More details will be revealed soon.

It’s the start of an exciting new chapter for Stealth. The accomplished singer-songwriter already has many accolades under his belt; he’s released three fantastic EPs and his epic single ‘Judgement Day’ has now collectively been streamed more than 10 million times. With more new music on the way this year, Stealth is destined for further success!

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Written by Mark Willis

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