EXCLUSIVE: Symon talks to CelebMix about her new single “I Never Do”

Symon is a recording artist, songwriter, performer and is a host of SiriusXM’s “Hits 1 in Hollywood” radio show. While she may only have three songs out, Symon is already capturing the ears of listeners around the world. Her debut song “Say” was one of 2016’s Summer anthems and is undeniably catchy and pleasing to the ears. It was the perfect choice of a first track, introducing who she is with lyrics such as “So if you want to win, better do what Symon say”.

Earlier this year, she released her single “No Way (I’m F**king You)” which went on to be named one of “9 Catchy Singles that You Need to Hear Right Now” by Entertainment Weekly. The track garnered attention from the LGBT community for featuring two men in the lyric video, which you can check out below.


Most recently Symon has released her latest single, “I Never Do” which is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more! Not only was the song released, but the video for it, which happens to be Symon’s debut music video dropped. “I Never Do” is the perfect track for Summer, it gives off a small EDM vibe while still staying pleasing to the ears and something that hasn’t been heard before.

You just released “I Never Do” what does releasing that track mean to you?

This track means a lot to me, I put out my first single about a year ago and last year and this past year I’ve been truly digging into myself creatively and emotionally and finding out who I am, what I want to say, what I want to represent as an artist, as a person and through everything what I never do was one of the first songs I wrote and I wrote it with three amazing people, two amazing people and one incredible producer who did the track and the song is basically about a situation that a lot of people can relate too- which is that there’s a guy in your life that is truly perfect for you, he’s got a great job, he does the right things and there’s this and that but the guy that gets your heart beating is someone who might not always be there for you and that’s the guy you want and the guy that’s good for you, you never do. So that’s how the whole song was written, I feel like a lot of people can relate to that.

“Say”, “No Way” and “I Never Do” are all different tracks, you are evolving through your music. How does your music evolving reflect on you as a person or symbolize you?

I was in a band for many years prior and so when I got signed as a solo artist it was a time for me to reflect on my past years as Symon in a band and now trying to find myself as Symon- just me! I would say that as I am evolving as a person, as an artist it’s reflecting in the music and can’t wait for you all to hear my new EP and my following album because it really is a representation of where I’m at in my life and everything is very real. There’s no bullshit.

How would you describe your music to someone who’s never listened to it before?

My music is like pop on its side, it’s pop off-centered. It’s not extremely candy pop but it’s not super not. It’s definitely pop with some influences of an EDM vibe, R&B vibe. It’s like Gwen Stefani had sex with Lady Gaga and like a sprinkle of some EDM artist mixed in.

Are there any specific artists or people who have inspired you?

Absolutely, my biggest inspiration is probably Madonna, Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani. Strong, powerful women are what I look up to and I always strive to be. My mom raised me to be a strong woman and those artists  always attract me.  That’s who I hope to be in my career and I hope to be anything similar to those women they’re just incredible and they always truly inspired me.

Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with?

I would love to write a song with Max Martin. i would love to have G-Eazy feature on one of my songs and I’d love to also collaborate with Major Lazer.

As a radio host as well as an artist, you’ve seen both sides of many things such as interviewing or being interviewed. Have you taken anything from either position and applied it to the other? How has it affected you as an artist and a host?

I feel super grateful to have this artist to artist role on the SiriusXM show Hits 1. I have two incredible co-hosts that have been in radio for years and years and I’m a newbie and they’ve taught me so much. What’s really fascinating is that I’m the one who should be getting interviewed and to go in and have the artists coming in to promote their singles, I know the questions that you want to be asked and I know the questions that you don’t want to be asked. It’s very interesting, I have a bond with the artists when they come in, we get each other we’re kindered spirits  and it’s been nothing but an incredible experience and I don’t want to just be a recording artist I want to be an entertainer. I want to tour, I want to have radio shows, and so It’s something I’m super grateful for.

What can fans expect from your upcoming EP?

They should expect to hear the things that they’re going through like guys being assholes and like dealing with insecurities and dealing with finding yourself sexually and just rawness, real stuff that people go through in their twenties. That’s what I wanted to channel in the whole album which we mentioned will be out later next year and the EP is just part one of it. It’s a coming of age album, it’s me finding myself and people don’t ever tell you “oh your twenties are hard,” they are, they’re really fucking hard and you’re growing up and that’s difficult. They’re beautiful too and the first part of the EP is the first chapter of really showing that.

Any plans to tour the music?

I’m going to be doing a bunch of radio shows, pride shows and in January you’ll definitely see me out on a tour. Until then come see me at a bunch of one off shows

What message do you hope is heard by people in your music?

Music was always an escape for me growing up and I knew I wanted to make that escape my reality and those artists I once listened to were my escape and I hope that I can be that escape for other young people in our generation so that they don’t have to share the pain or anything that I dealt with. I hope to be a good role model.

That’s all the questions we had for today, is there anything else you’d like to add on before we go?

You can now watch my debut music video on Vevo and you can stream on Spotify and Apple Music and you can buy it on iTunes and it’ll be hitting radio and to get ready for a feature I have coming out with an incredible artist named London Future soon. So get ready.

Symon can be found on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @OfficiallySymon. Her new single “I Never Do” is available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

Written by CelebMix