Exclusive: Tenille Townes discusses C2C, new music and 2020 plans!

2019 was a huge year for Canadian country artist Tenille Townes and this year she will arrive in the UK for what promises to be a huge performance at the C2C Festival this March which will follow her new EP this February.

Here we chat exclusively to Tenille to discuss Country to Country, and what else she has coming up this year

2019 saw your music reach more fans than ever before, how are you looking to build on that in 2020?

Thanks for saying that! It brings me so much joy and excitement to know that people are hearing these songs. I can’t wait to release the record a little later this year and have more songs out there for people to listen to. I can’t wait to meet more people at the shows I’m doing on the road this year too. I sure love getting to visit at the merch table after the shows!

You shared your EP back in 2018, and dropped two Christmas songs at the end of 2019, music wise what can we expect from you this year?

I’m really excited to be putting out the whole record, and it’s going to be called “The Lemonade Stand”. To kick off the starting line of the record, we have an EP called “Road to the Lemonade Stand” coming out on February 7th. It’s a collection of songs we have released already, a version of Keith Urban’s Stupid Boy that I recorded, and a brand new song called “Holding Out For the One”. I can’t wait to get it out there and looking forward to the rest of the new music later this spring!

Can we expect to hear the same sonic sound we’re used to from you with future releases or are looking to explore new sounds?

I think there is a thread that runs through all the songs on this project sonically. When we were working in the studio, we started all these songs from the ground up, playing them first just the way I’d perform them with my guitar, and exploring different sounds to layer in on top of that. I’m really proud of how they sound as a full collection together and can’t wait to share it!

You’ll return to the UK in March for C2C, how excited are you to be heading back to our shores?

I can’t wait to come back to the UK!!! I just love it there so much and can’t wait to make some new memories again with you guys!! 

What can fans expect from your sets across the festival?

I’m really honoured to be a part of the Introducing Nashville set, with my friends Abby Anderson and Eric Paslay!! It’s going to be all of us, playing songs stripped down and sharing the stories of what inspired them, giving a taste of the Nashville songwriting community which I adore so much! Can’t wait to experience C2C for the first time!!

What would you say is the biggest difference between the UK, US and Canadian audiences?

The more I travel playing music in all these places, the more I think we are actually a lot alike. Music is music, no matter where you are hearing it, and I love how it makes the world feel smaller in the best way.

With the UK Country scene on the rise, can we expect to see you collabaritng with any British acts anytime soon?

My goodness, I would love that so much!!! You guys have so many talented people making music. It would be a blast to collaborate on a song over there!

Do you have any headline tour plans in the works for the UK?

I can’t wait to come back and it would be a dream to do a tour as a headliner!! I did my very first headlining show ever in London on my last trip in October, and I’ll never forget that show and that crowd as long as I live. It was such a special night.

Whilst you’re over here for C2C can we expect new music from you?

Yes!! I’m so excited to be bringing my new EP, Road to the Lemonade Stand, with me!

What’s the biggest lesson you’re taking into 2020?

Hmm… great question. I think I’m working on a lot of things right now! Balancing the highs and the lows of this amazing dream and finding the best footing I can to always be myself. I’m really looking forward to the adventures this year has in store and all the ways that it’s going to shape me.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

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