Exclusive: The Rua talk making the Billboard Top 30 and touring with Westlife

The Rua is currently on tour with Westlife. When we speak to them they are at home preparing for the band’s dates at the O2 in London.

The band consists of sisters, Roseanna (Lead Vocals, guitar), Alanna (Piano, backing vocals) and brother, Jonathan Brown (violin, vocals, guitar).

The band’s current release Gasoline is in the Billboard top 30 in the states. It’s number 26!

“We are going back over after to do some promotion for it, it’s really amazing. We are jumping between UK, US and Europe, we did a week of promotion for it before the Westlife tour started so we’ve got more work to do over there.”



The Rua have just released their debut album in the UK. “It’s an album full of love. We had most songs for a couple of years, we recorded the album over three months. It was so hard to just to pick a few songs for the setlist, as we love them all.”

“Won’t let go” is a firm favourite song of all the band. “We play it at the end of the set and it’s one of those songs that get the audience involved, clapping along and ready for Westlife to come on.”

In Manchester they performed with the house lights up due to the stage crew still working on the Screen ready for Westlife’s set as there was a technical fault with it. “It was daunting as it’s a huge arena. But having the lights down creates more of an atmosphere. Even if it is just you singing on stage, I think there is a whole theatricalness behind it, and for us it was kind of like oh my god we can see every single person.”

With an album out and a pretty big following in the UK, we think we will be seeing and hearing a lot more of The Rua, and who knows when we speak to them again, they could be headlining their own tour the states or here in the UK.

“We’d love that to happen, we really would.”.

The Rua’s album is out now!

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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