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Exclusive: The Vamps talk about The Great Wonderfest

The Great Wonderfest is a family friendly festival based in the Isle of Wight running from 1st – 4th of August 2019. The festival attracts a variety of different ages due to the vast array of vocalists and bands performing. We were lucky enough to have chat with The Vamps who have a headline slot at the festival this year.

Are there any acts on The Great Wonderfest line up that you would like to perform with or collaborate with for a single? Who are you looking forward to watching?
Brad – We have lots of friends on the line up. We’ve done plenty of shows with Conor Maynard, the Sigma guys and Busted. It’s always good to see Dick and Dom but I’m most excited to see what Rastamouse has up his sleeve!

At festivals you are limited to song choice. How hard is it to choose the line up and who has the final say on what tracks are performed?
Tris- It’s a group decision. We chat about it as a band and choose the tracks we think the audience will have the most fun with. We know that it’s not necessarily our core fanbase coming to watch us at festivals and we want to make everyone feels as welcome as possible, even if they don’t know all of our songs they can dance and enjoy themselves.

Festivals now play a huge part in popular culture for young people. Do you feel the audiences are harder to entertain than at your successful arena tours?
Brad – Every show is different, ultimately anyone that’s come to a festival has come to chill out, listen to music and enjoy themselves so we just want to show them a good time. If we can get everyone on their feet and dancing then we’re happy.

This year we saw the band have a switch around with different instruments which was a great surprise and delight for fans, do you have any other surprises lined up during your set at this festival? As at V Festival Zak Abel performed with you, will you be bringing anyone on at Wonderfest?
Con – Well Conor Maynard came on tour with us a couple of years ago and we used to collaborate on a couple of things. Who know’s what will happen in the moment.

You always attract a large audience at festivals. Are the family events a chance to show the older generation what you are all about?
Tris – Yes! We love that. Music is all about bringing everyone together, there’s nothing better than looking out on the crowd and seeing people of all ages enjoying our sets together.

As your audience matures with you, do you think that your music will change to reflect this?
Brad – We’re older now too and naturally our sound has matured as we’ve got older but at the heart of it we still want to make songs that everyone can enjoy and let loose to.

Lead singer Brad from The Vamps interacting with the crowd at VFestival 2017
Lead singer Brad from The Vamps interacting with the crowd at V Festival 2017.

Year on year you are reaching out and appealing to a wider fan base. How are you going to remain in touch with your fans moving forward?
Con – Social media is a big part of that I think. You can always see what we’re up to from our Instagram accounts, and streaming has changed the game – you can listen to us wherever you are on Spotify, Apple Music etc. That and continuing to tour, meeting people and playing for them in person. That’s always been important to us.

Being always on tour or at festivals when do you plan time to write new material?
Brad – We take time out when we can, weeks here and there between festival shows when we get together and write. Some of the tracks we’ve been working on recently I think are really exciting…

During your tours you have always supported up and coming acts, how much influence do you have in selecting the performers?
Brad – We’re always part of that conversation. It’s so important for us to support new younger acts, New Hope Club for example have been touring with us for a while now and they’re sounding great.

You have been the only band to headline the O2 arena five years in a row, Well done! How does that feel?
Brad – Thank you very much! It’s insane. We’re so lucky to have the best fans who continue to support us and it’s thanks to them that we still get to tour and play at incredible venues like the O2. It’s one big family really.

With the unwanted wet weather recently, Is the weather a factor for you when you’re performing outside?
James – We’ve usually got a roof over us on stage so unless the whole festivals called off we’re good to go.
Con – it’s the crowd that suffer more than we do when the weather’s bad!

What is the craziest place you have ever performed, why?
Con – Global Citizen festival in India a couple of years back was madness. 80,000 people, absolutely crazy.

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