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EXCLUSIVE: VASSY Talks New Song and Dream Collaborations

We at CelebMix are proud to present another very exclusive interview today. We have sat down for a chat with one of the busiest DJs in the world. Our interviewee has worked with Afrojack, David Guetta, as well as Tiesto. Her songs were featured in “Frozen”, “Victoria’s Secret” commercials and “Grey’s Anatomy” episodes. “Musical diversity” and “Talent” seem to be her nicknames and if that was not already enough, she also premiered her latest track “Somebody New” last week. Her name: VASSY.

The Australian DJ collaborated with duo Sultan + Shepard again for this soulful new club track and is currently flying across the globe to promote it. But nonetheless, between playing sets at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, VASSY took some time off to chat with us.

Find out all about the creation of the track, her dream collaboration and what we should do when in Australia, in the upcoming interview:

Hey there! Lovely to meet you! We just heard your brand new track “Somebody New”, which dropped last Friday, and it is fabulous! How does it feel to have a brand new song out?

Amazing! I love this song and I also really enjoy working with Sultan + Shepard, they are so talented. This is actually our second time working together on a record and I really wanted to create a song that is different to my other ones, that shows a more vulnerable side. I wanted it to be provocative yet still danceable.

How long did it take to put the song together?

We did it in a couple months.

How did you decide to collaborate with Sultan + Shepard?

We met working on “Bad”, which ended up being a multi-platinum record with David Guetta. So we figured we would jump back in the studio again as we could tell we had chemistry.

You have got a lot of DJing gigs coming up. Which venue or festival (or both) are you dying to play in the future and why?

Hmm, that’s a tough one as I’ve already done Tomorrowland & Ultra twice now and I always wanted to do them.

You have already worked with greats like David Guetta or Afrojack. With which artist would you love to collaborate with in the future?

Calvin Harris, when it comes to the DJ world.

We always like to get know artists by asking them about their favorite music at the moment. If we asked you to create a playlist for us with your five favorite tracks, which would they be?

Ugghhh! Can’t answer that one. [laughs] It’s too tough of a question!

If you took us to Australia, which places should we definitely go to and what should we eat?

Definitely, go to Darwin and also go to my sister place! It’s called YOTS and it serves the best food ever! Oh, and you should definitely eat a meat pie! With tomato sauce!

And finally: what else does 2018 have in store for you?

New tunes for the fans. You have to keep them happy and feed them music.

Thanks for the lovely chat.

You can listen to the track right here, if you would like to. By clicking the link, you are able to choose the service of your choice.

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