Exclusive Video Premiere: Carolyn Marie - "Wanna Be Cool"

Exclusive Video Premiere: Carolyn Marie – “Wanna Be Cool”

Carolyn Marie is an independent pop/alternative rock artist from New Jersey. Here at CelebMix, we have the exclusive premiere of her new video “Wanna Be Cool”!

After graduating early as an honor roll student in order to get a head start on her career, “Wanna Be Cool” is the track that will take her dreams to the next level. Within the music video, Carolyn shows off her extraordinary dance moves along with her appealing voice. The visionary for the video has a hip-hop theme, but the song is far from that genre of music.

Exclusive Video Premiere: Carolyn Marie - "Wanna Be Cool"

The song actually has a funky alternative rock sound that makes you want to dance! What we love even more is this catchy songs lyrics. I mean, how can you deny addictive music with a meaningful message? Throughout the song Carolyn sings lyrics like, “We all wanna be cool and we all want to fit in,” “Turn on the goddamn light / Don’t drive into the night,” and “Don’t trust thoughts at 3am / It’s your life you spend / And it’s too young to end.”

It’s messages like that, that young people really need to hear. Rather than dancing to a song about partying and getting wasted, Carolyn shows a positive message for her fans. Endangering yourself is NEVER okay or worth it just to be “cool.” Of course she understands the pressure, that’s the point of the song. But you have to fight that compulsion. “Your life is too young to end.”

Carolyn is currently preparing to release her self-titled debut album later this year. She recorded the album in her home state of New Jersey with Cooper Anderson, who has worked with artists such as John Legend, FUN and Justin Bieber. The album was also mixed by Ken Lewis, who has worked with Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and Lana Del Rey. Pretty cool huh?

Check out the exclusive premiere of “Wanna Be Cool” below:


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