Exclusive: Watch Chelsea Bain’s Lyric Video for ‘I Don’t Want To’

Chelsea Bain is a name in music that you’re going to want to remember. She just dropped her EP ‘Drinkin Alone‘, she’s got talent that makes her a voice for multiple genres of music, and she just gave us the exclusive lyric video to her song ‘I Don’t Want To’.

‘I Don’t Want To’ is a song about being strong. It’s a song about finding that fire inside of yourself that you need to just make it through. It’s about getting knocked down and getting back up, being caught in the dark and finding the light, about being brave in moments of fear. However, it’s also a song about simply needing a little help sometimes, too.

Chelsea sings about being able to ‘pin a smile on’, and ‘holding her own and knowing when to let go’, but in the chorus, she gets a little vulnerable and says sometimes she just doesn’t want to.

We asked Chelsea for a quote about her song and the lyric video, and she said something we can all relate to.

“Life’s hard and it can get heavy. Sometimes you gotta buck up and be the tough one. But sometimes it just feels so good to fall apart before having to be put together.”

Life gets hard, some days seem impossible, and Chelsea is right – after being strong and tough so often, sometimes it feels incredible to allow yourself to be broken before you have to be strong again. Especially if you have someone to hold those pieces when you fall apart.

The song is sweet, slow, and one that’ll get stuck in your head. It’s a tune you can listen to when you’re having a bad day of your own, when you need a little motivation to be strong, or when you need the motivation to let yourself break a little bit too.

This is one video we’ll be watching often, and we’re sure that you will too. For more from Chelsea, check out her EP, like we said before – she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.