Exclusive with Will Jay

Will Jay is best known for being a member of boyband IM5. Now a solo artist, Will is ready to take over the world!

“Gentleman” is such a fun, sweet song. Tell us what your writing process was like.
Thank you so much! I actually wrote the song as a pick-me-up for a friend of mine who was complaining to me about how lame her boyfriend was acting (I wanted to remind her that there still are some good guys out there). The song was one of the quickest I’ve ever written; I finished the song in about an hour or so. I’ve said this before, but the song is a perfect introduction to who I am as an artist & what I’m all about.

The song is part of an EP out now, but can we expect an full length LP in the future?
Absolutely! I’m itching to get back into the studio & record the rest of this music; I’ve written enough songs for multiple albums but I’ve got a handful of songs that thematically & stylistically work with Gentleman that I’m ready for the world to hear.

Taking a step back for a second. Breaking away from a band is never easy. Have IM5’s fans been supportive?
Leaving IM5 was definitely one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, as it was my introduction to the music industry & I spent my formative teen years completely dedicated to the band. So many people that supported me in the band have stuck by me & it’s an understatement to say their support means the world to me because they are what keeps me going.

Have you kept in touch IM5 creators: Perez Hilton, Jaime King and Simon Fuller?
Perez actually sent me a very nice message when the Gentleman music video came out & posted it on his website! Having his support really meant a lot to me & cemented in my mind that this new direction I’m taking visually & sonically is the right one.

Back to the fun stuff! What can you tell us about your song with Sonika Vaid for Radio Disney?
The song’s called “Smoke From Distant Fires” & it’s a duet I wrote about two people who had a summer romance but lost touch.
This song has a special place in my heart because to me, it really captures the innocence of young love. I jumped at the chance to work with Sonika because she’s an amazing singer & I couldn’t be happier with how the song turned out. I also can’t thank Radio Disney enough for all of their support not only with this song but thus far in my career!

Should we expect some acting in the future?
Honestly, music is the focus right now; however, if the right part came along I wouldn’t say no! I’d certainly love to be part of a show like Glee where I could sing as well. I also did tons of musical theatre when I was younger so I’d love to get back into that world someday.

More fun! This or that:

Netflix or YouTube?
YouTube! Although I just finished binge watching Stranger Things & it was amazing.

Tea or Coffee?
Definitely tea. I’ve never liked the taste of coffee, which I consider a blessing looking at how addicted some of my friends are.

Call or Text?
Calling! Maintain human interaction whenever possible.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
I’ll go with Vanilla, but if possible I usually
get a swirl of both.

Cheeseburger or Taco?
Tacos. Mexican food all day every day.

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