Exploring The Lesser Known Side Of ‘The Valley’ Singer: London Summers

The Canadian songwriter, producer, and singer of the hit single ‘The Valley’, Jamal Simons, or as he is famously known by London Summers, has already made it big in the music industry. With more than five years of behind the scenes song production and also brief stints as a singer, Summers has craved a space of his own. But that is not all there is to him, and the multi-platinum producer is crafting a life of his own, by venturing into entrepreneurship.

London Summers started his career early in 2014, coming out with his debut single ‘Downtown Savannah’. The song got him to rave reviews, and he became a known name for his off-beat, soul-stirring music that strikes an emotional chord with the listener. But soon after the song was released, Summers shifted to working as a producer and songwriter, and gave the industry several hits with some of the best names in music today! While he has been working with some of the best DJs around the globe, performing for concerts and creating chart-busting hits, he has also helped produce songs with the best names in the industry, His hits with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are chart-busters like ‘Back 2 U’, ‘Rewind,’ ‘Memories,’ ‘Stay A While.’ And the 2018 hit ‘When I grow up,’ which got the combination of Wiz Khalifa as well with the trio was one of the best songs that year. The song talks about the excitement of childhood dreams and has a hopeful downtempo summer beat that is extremely hard to miss out on! The song is not just a favourite of Summers himself but is also appreciated by audiences and the powerhouse artists who were part of it, for it helped them connect it with their childhood memories too! With this song, Summers truly carved a name for himself in the industry.

But while he was dishing out chart-busting hits with other artists, he also provided vocals to another song of his creation, ‘The Valley.’ Summers usually brings his own experiences as the inspiration behind his work, with his single ‘The Valley’ showcasing his time in Los Angeles to his home in Ottawa Valley, Canada. He explains how he used to love driving around late in the night and exploring the world with his loved ones by his side, and the song captures this emotion through its lyrics and foot-tapping rhythm. And in 2020, he comes out with another tune this time as the executive producer. The track, ‘Take Me To A Nice Place,’ brings out the best of funky beats and lyrics that talk about hope, a combination Summers is well known for.

Song production, writing, and creating world-class music that is played across the globe may seem daunting, but Summers gets it all done with elan! And to top it off, he has another side to him that is relatively unknown to even his most ardent fans. In 2019, Summers started his own company that is driving a revolutionary product for the cannabis industry. The company, Eria, is a brainchild of Summers to create an innovative product that leverages the latest technological advances to develop customer-focused cannabis storage devices. The cannabis storage device is already making headway, and the company has raised $500K+ in its initial round of investment.

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Written by Monella